A Guide to Choosing The Right LED Panel Fixture

Are you looking for a perfect lighting solution for commercial spaces? At LEDMyplace, we have helped customers without prior knowledge about LED lights, a few knew only about wattage while others miss the obvious terms that are crucial for anyone to buy LED lights.

One of the niche customers we come across mostly look for LED lighting solutions for their offices, schools and alike.

At LEDMyplace, we offer an elegant high-class indoor LED lighting fixtureLED Panel Lights”. The design of this fixture is deluxe with good lighting effect. It is a perfect energy efficient fixture for commercial spaces.

Available Options For LED Panel Lights

Modernizing the commercial space with the panel lights is easy and energy efficient way. Below are the most significant features available for these lighting fixtures:

Size: The available size for this fixture is 2x2 and 2x4 LED Panel Lights which is perfectly fine for any commercial space.

Wattage: This lighting fixture is available at 45W, 50W, and 72W. These watt count fixtures can replace the high wattage metal halide fixture. LED lights operate on low energy as compared to any other MH fixture.

Color Temperature: The color temperature of the fixture divided into two colors 4000K neutral white light and 5000K day white light. If you want a lighting fixture which emits the blazing light the indoor surface, choose these K(Kelvin) range lighting.

Dimmable: It allows the user to control lighting output and reduce energy consumption. You can set the output from 10V to 0V.

Note: By using Dimmable LED lighting fixture, you can save up to 80% energy and reduce your lighting bills.

Lumens: Lumen output defines the distribution reach of light to space. Panel lights offer up to 5200 lumens which are quite perfect for commercial indoor areas.

Above mentioned features describe the LED Panel Lights in a very easy way. Whenever you look for an LED lighting fixture, keep these things in your mind before purchasing it.

led panel lights

Benefits of Using LED Panel Lights

Thisinside led lighting fixtures has many advantages of using it. Here are some mentioned below:

Immensely Portable: These fixtures are lite in weight and easy to carry for installation purpose. Once the fixture installed on the ceiling it won’t come out.

Super Brightness: The reason behind the bright output is the high lumen output and CCT.

Lumen: Higher the lumen count, the more bright lighting output would be.

CCT: Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) Color of lighting.

Less Heat Dissipation: The fixture is being manufactured by die-cast aluminum which doesn’t heat-up the fixture like MH fixture.

Long Lifespan: A metal halide fixture has a short lifespan of 12,000 hours whereas LED Panel Lights have three times more operational lifespan of 50,000+ hours.

Quality Output: To detect the quality output of lighting, you must check the CRI of the fixture. It should be more than 80.

Color Rendering Index shows the true color of objects.

Eco-Friendly: Lighting output of the fixture doesn’t contain any harmful elements like mercury, IR, and UV rays. These rays directly impact the human body in a bad way.

We have helped many commercial spaces to create more productivity and lower energy bills.

List of Installation Areas:

  • Office
  • Workplace
  • Workshops
  • Malls
  • Hospitals
  • Walkways
  • Hallways
  • Schools and commercial spaces

Installation Process of LED Panels Lights

Most of the people don’t know how to install panel lights and what to do with the fixture. Below mentioned steps will help you to install the fixture on your ceiling in an easy way:

Step 1: Fasten the clips on the replace where the panel lights will be install.

Step 2: Connect the wires as mentioned in the wiring instruction manual.

Step 3: Screw the two clips by using M4x8.

Precautions while Installing

  • First, cut down the energy power.
  • Call an expert for a better installation, if you are new to this lighting fixture.

LEDMyplace will personally help you to pick the right wattage LED Panel Lights for your space. If you find this article helpful, appreciate it by hitting the like button and share your reviews in the comment section below. For any assistance, get in touch with us through our official site  LEDMyplace. We also provide installation as well.

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