A New Approach To Indoor Lighting With LED Panels?

LED Panels are used within office spaces, schools, hospitals, and retail units. Since they have become so affordable due to the drop in the price of LED lighting, they are also being used frequently within apartment buildings.

The LED lighting is rapidly outpacing the traditional lighting technologies as they are better, efficient and provides high lumen output with lesser wattage. Since the innovation is getting increasingly gaining interest with various applications, it is rapidly turning into the go-to lighting choice for commercial spaces. There are various points of interest that LED panel lights offer.

LED Panels are best suitable for grid type fall ceilings since they are super slim and lightweight. The LED chips are fitted at the corners and with a frosted trim, they tend to provide the evenly spread lumen output. In this article, let’s see the benefits of LED Panel lights.

LEDMyplace’ approach to LED Panels

Since 2008, the prices for LED light bulbs at a retail store has dropped more than 90%. Since 2016, the average customer could purchase a 60-watt LED bulb for their home for $3 or less.

The LED panel light is designed to fit in standard T-Bars and narrow grid drop-in ceilings, its installation comes easy. It can be built-in, mounted, suspended or recessed. If you want it to look like a chandelier, you can go for suspended installation.

Since the lighting fixture is lightweight, it brings in more elegance and value to the space compared to any other lighting fixture.

At LEDMyplace, we have helped hundreds of commercial units to move from traditional lighting fixtures to LED Panel lighting fixtures and we have seen a significant change in their maintenance cost in the long run.

Cost-cutting on utility bills

LED Panels

Saving money doesn’t mean the business should spend less but it's simply meant to achieve the same or a better result of any particular operation. Spending money efficiently is one of the priorities of businesses.

The energy efficient aspect of LED Panel lights brings in more value to the lighting bills.

For example, a 45W LED Panel light can ideally replace a fluorescent fixture of up to 150W. An office space replacing the same with 30 lighting fixtures will save energy close to 105W per fixture, simple math here, a total saving of 3100W or more.

Design, feel and performance

As mentioned above, LED Panel lights are sleek, lightweight and elegant. It’s compulsory for commercial spaces like offices, hospitals, gyms, schools and so on.

LED Panel lights are intended to give out the equivalent circulation of lumens around the space. Rather than introducing 4 singular tubes into existing fixtures, LED panels are flimsy, lightweight choices that are edge lit. Rather than taking a gander at exposed or covered bulbs, these panels mix into your roof tiles or can be dangled from the roof to make a coasting light panel look.


At LEDMyplace, we have recommended LED Panel lights to hundreds of customers and we are still doing it to ensure the promotion of best lighting solutions.

Have you moved your indoor commercial lighting to LEDs? Let’s take the conversation to the comment section below.

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