Beneficial Features Of LED Corn Bulb

In today’s time, what everyone looks for is conservation of energy. Anything that can convert a power consuming machine into a power saving one automatically speaks to the masses. One such concept that stands out in the crowd in LED corn bulbs. They have singlehandedly taken over the market of bulbs.

What all there is to know about LED Corn Bulbs

When we talk about any LED corn bulb, irrespective of its manufacturing company, it is essential to mention that these bulbs are an assembly of light-emitting diodes or commonly known as LEDs built on a metal structure. These are called corn bulbs or lamps because the yellow LEDs look like corn cobs.

When it comes to functioning, these bulbs are designed to provide a large amount of light through LEDs and in order to do that the bulbs require a good number of diodes.

The number of diodes, which sometimes increases to hundreds is based on a metal ‘cob’ which comes with a large surface area to keep the diodes cool.  

Led Corn bulb

Some features that would make you buy these bulbs

This is all that you needed to know when it comes to the concept building a LED corn bulb. Now the question arises as to why should you use it? There must be many alternatives in the market, why particularly LED corn bulbs?

Well, LED corn bulbs to provide many advantages over options that might be in the market such as follows:

  • A LED corn bulb is a great measure when it comes to saving energy and working on lower utility costs.
  • It lasts longer than any traditional HID lamps, ranking these corn bulbs higher in the hierarchy in terms of reliability and longevity.
  • Since a LED corn bulb is also available in a range of Lumen outputs, the bulbs end up producing the same amount of light output as that of an HID lamp.
  • The bulbs are manufactured in such a way that it has higher lumen maintenance if compared to a standard metal halide lamps, indicating that LED corn bulbs maintain their bright light throughout their lifespan.
  • One striking feature is that it is able to surpass the intensity of discharge lamps. The standard life of corn bulb is 50,000 hours requiring considerably less maintenance and savings as mentioned above.  
  • Once you buy it, you will see that a transparent plastic covering is provided to ensure the safety of the product. It saves it from dust, insects, and arrests the atrophy of the quality of the product which could lead to the atrophy of the bulb resulting in low light.

Types of LED Corn bulbs that would help you with your purchase

Since the time a LED corn bulb has come about, it has replaced the metal halide and high-pressure sodium lamps because it was actually designed to replace them in the first place.

The bulb comes with many features as discussed but there are many types also that should be considered before making an investment.

  • Base Type: LED corn bulbs comes in two base types such as Medium E26 which deals with standard household sizes and then the E39 Mogul Base which is meant for higher wattage.
  • Color choices: The LED corn bulb comes with an impressive range of colors, starting from 3,000 k going up to 5,500K.


Before making an investment, it's always wise to know about the nature of requirement and the area where the bulbs would be set up because the classification is done in a manner which suits the need of the hour.

If you are thinking where to get these led corn bulbs from, then you can always try LEDMyplace as they have a good range for this particular product.

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