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Best Selling LED Fixtures of 2018

Last year was really amazing for us, most of our LED lighting fixtures were being in the top-selling products list. We have not just sold the fixtures but solved their many problems related to lighting such as high-cost bills, blurry lighting, and regular costly maintenance.

No matter which space you spend most of the time whether it's commercial, industrial, or residential. Every space needs lighting if its day-time then it is ok but what about when the sun goes down.

In this article, we’ll be discussing our top-selling products:

UFO LED High Bay Light - UF008

This is a high bay lighting fixture which is being installed on the high ceiling to illuminate the wide space in a unique way. This lighting fixture comes with the choice of white tint but 150W UFO LED High Bay Light comes with the best shade of white and offers the exact amount of high lumen output which is sufficient.

This fixture leads you to reduce the lighting cost and if you want to reduce more on lighting cost by using the dimming feature. You can set the lighting illumination from 0V -10V. This fixture has shown that to increase the visibility far better than other lighting fixtures such as metal halide, HID, sodium vapor, and much more. This lighting fixture is installed at the warehouse, factory, workplace,

LED Pole Light - PL025/PL016

This lighting fixture is more than an average metal-halide fixture. With 75% of less energy consumption, the LED Pole Lights offers high lumen output along with an ultra-wide beam angle. It comes with the universal mounting option.

With the motion sensor, this fixture automatically turns on when someone comes in the range of it and notifies you. Most of the car parking lots, street, gardens, walkways, highways, industrial and commercial spaces have installed this fixture.

LED Downlights - DW015/DW051

It is an indoor space light which is installed on the ceiling and fills the space with dazzling light without leaving any dark spots. On average, this fixture is a direct substitute of halogen downlights.

It instant cut down the lighting cost up to 75% and works for 50,000 hours. This fixture would not get heat up after the operation of 10 hours. An aluminum thermal heat dissipation keeps the fixture cool all day long.

LED Tube - TB009

With the linear appearance, this LED tube light looks elegant and classy at your space. This lighting fixture is most often installed at indoor space such as kitchen, rooms, dining rooms, library, bedroom, living room, offices, and much more.

Because of its slim and sleek design, this fixture is already installed in most of the space. In 2018 we have delivered 100,000approx tubes in the US and Canada. LED Tubes are traditionally more elegant than fluorescent tubes and operate on less energy consumption.

LED Vanity Mirror - MR010

Whenever it comes to illuminate the indoor space, most of the people don’t even think of their bathroom. At this place, most of the fine work is being done on a daily basis. This fixture comes with the highest CRI of 90+ which shows every flaw of yourself.

This fixture removes the effort of cleaning because of its defogger feature. Unlike other LED Lighting fixtures, this bathroom light doesn’t require to set the CCT over and over again, this vanity mirror is being manufactured with the feature of remembrance color temperature feature. When this fixture comes in our stock, it doesn’t take a too long time to get out of stock.

At a Glance

Now it just being the 3rd month of 2019 and most of our products are already out for their delivery. So you don’t need to worry of your turn, directly mention your requirements in the comment section below or speak to our customer care executive for better guidance.

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