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Don’t Stop the Work due to Less Visibility at the Indoor Places, In fact Install LED Tube Lights to have Maximum Brightness

Install LED tube Lights if Scouting for Alternative Lighting

With the introduction of LED lighting products, the possibility of using the indoor/outdoor places have increased manifolds as these LED lighting products offer artificial sunlight in a much broader way which expanded the boundaries of time and space and we don’t need to stop the work due to lesser visibility during the nights. If you are among the ones that are looking for some better indoor lighting option then you can install LED tube lights to illuminate the place in an enhanced way.

Since the LED tube lights are the most preferable source of lighting especially for those homeowners and business owners who are looking for some budgeted ways to enjoy maximum illumination inside homes and offices. The energy efficiency of these LED tubes is motivating individuals across the world to use these LED tube lights nowadays and considering the long term benefits of these lights, you will not feel like using those traditional lights anymore. Some of the benefits of installing these LED tubes are as follows:

Using LED tube lights will be beneficial on your pocket over the longer period of time?

LED tubes are more Efficient than Normal tubes

The LED tube lights require at least 90% less power as compared to the incandescent light bulbs and therefore you can expect great decline in the monthly electricity bills as well. The reason to this is that the LEDs change more than 80% energy into light which is opposite in case of incandescent bulbs, where they convert just 20% of the energy into light and remaining 80% gets wasted.  Also in addition to additional savings every month, you need to pay reduced maintenance and replacement costs as well, for example, if you have installed 8ft LED tube lightsthat consume just 48w of electricity to produce 5800 lumens then you can easily change them with 120w MH light to make savings of more than 75%.

led tube lights

LED tubes Last Longer than Traditional lights

The LEDs have a higher lifespan and can be used for greater than of 50,000 hours which is much more than the lifespan of typical incandescent bulbs. If you install these LED tubes at the indoor commercial or residential properties, you don’t need to change them for at least 5 years which is much more than the traditional lighting products. So make the lighting change by investing in these LED tubes that are considered as long term investment rather than investment for couple of days.

IP 44 rated

All theLED tube lightswhether they are 2ft, 4ft or 8ft come with an IP44 rating that means they can stay protected dust-tight and protected against water-ingress from all directions as well. Also, these LEDs are made using non-toxic materials such as mercury which otherwise are found in case you are using those fluorescent, in fact, LED tubes are made using 100% recyclable material that is easy to dispose of as well.

So these are some of the advantages of installing these LED tube lights that once replaced with the traditional form of lights can give you maximum lighting results. Protect your loved ones from harmful radiations such as UV and IR rays as well that otherwise are harmful to the surroundings and for the health as well.

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