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Hitchhiker’s Guide To LED Office Lights

If money is a shrine, LED office lighting fixturesare the spotlight. As simple as that. THE most important place in a globalized world, an office is a sanctuary where the balance of the liberal world hangs. Thusly, the lighting in these offices require keen attention.

With a lot of options to choose from and a lot of things to consider, it sometimes becomes tricky to choose the right one to get the best out of your money. Considering things like; the variety of color temperatures available, multiple wattages, multiple categories of light, it becomes mind-boggling for anyone to pick the right one.

This is why we have come up with this guide to help you navigate the wide world of LED Office Ceiling Lights. To help you in your endeavor to select the rightcommercial office lighting which will not just bring efficiency in your workplace but will also improve your health. 

Why you need LED office lighting

With richer variations in the color temperatures, LED lights go up to 6500 Kelvin touching a blue wavelength of light. This blue wavelength of light is responsible for reducing the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is responsible for helping us fall asleep. Therefore, when melatonin’s secretion is reduced the person stays awake and alert. 

Natural sunlight also comprises this particular blue wavelength during the middle of the day but in a greater quantity. This causes people to be more alert during afternoon hours. LED lights are also the best office lighting for eyes, research has proven. 

And then, there’s the cost-benefit which LEDs bring. Saving you up to 75% on your utility bills, LEDs are also the most eco-friendly lighting technology out there. LEDs providenatural light for office.These are also highly modern, laced with all the latest features. If you are still not convinced to replace your old conventional fixtures with LED, keep reading. 

Monetary, social and technical advantages of LED lights

  • Energy-efficiency: 
    With a high energy efficiency converting 95% of the electricity consumed into light, these lights replace much higher wattage fluorescent or incandescent office lights. Which means that a 30W fixture can replace a conventional 100W fixture. This essentially means that you will be saving money on your utility bills.

    • High CRI:

      CRI or the color rendering index is the measure of how accurately the light is rendering colors. This is measured in comparison with an ideal light source such as daylight. LED office lights have a CRI of up to 92. Which means that the light renders colors with an accuracy of 92%. 

    • Eco-friendly:

    • Because of the efficiency, these lights draw less power from the grid. This reduces the demand for electricity which reduces the production, even if by a tiny bit. Ultimately leading to a reduction in the emission of CO2. 

    • IP Rated: LED office lights are IP rated which protects them from harsh weather conditions and loose tools and wires. 

    • Types of LED office lighting fixtures
    • LED tubes: coming in lots of shapes and sizes, LED tubes replace conventional and old-fashioned fluorescent tubes. Having a high lumen output these lights for the perfect fixture for installation in offices and commercial spaces. 

    • These lights are best suited for places where ceilings are recessed. These tubes also find their good place in homes apart from offices. 

      These tubes come in various sizes and wattage. A lower watt LED tube has the capacity to replace a much higher wattage fluorescent tube. Size of LED tubes varies from 2ft to 8ft in length and from 0.625 inches to 1.5 inches in diameter. 

    • LED panels:

    • The perfect LED office ceiling lights, LEDpanels are the standard name when it comes to office lighting. Coming in different sizes and color temperatures, these lights form the bedrock of any modern office lighting fixtures. These panels come in three sizes of 2x2, 1x4 and 2x4. These LED panels have a high CRI which enables the light to render colors that are accurate in comparison to an ideal light source such as daylight. 

      LED downlights:
      These are modern and stylish office lighting fixtures that are suitable for most office spaces. Having a small size with a high lumen output these lights take less space and give more light. These fixtures are best suited for places where ceiling space is constrained.

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