How To Select Lighting For Wide Space?

The lighting fixture is the jewelry of wide space. There are many perfect lighting fixtures available in the market but which luminaire fulfill your lighting desires.

At LEDMyplace, we have helped many warehouses, industries, gyms, factories, and wide spaces with our ultimate range of lighting fixtures. UFO LED High Bay Lights have been specially manufactured for vast space with a high ceiling. High bay space requires high lumen output fixtures to illuminate the larger area with the blazing lighting.

In this article, we will highlight the topics mentioned below and explain to you why do you need to operate this fixture.

  • What Are The Features?
  • How Does It Beneficial For You?
  • Where To Buy?

Above topics will describe the overall information about UFO LED lights.

ufo led high bay lights

What Are The Features?

Lighting any space seems easy, install the fixture, flip the switch and voila! Here is your space with the bright light. What was dark before is now bright.

Brightness is not enough for any area. As such, using an HID and metal halide fixture would be enough for you but now things have changed, everyone wants the exact same lighting output at the low energy cost. To fulfill the preference, you must have the whole knowledge about the fixture before buying it. Here are some features of UFO LED High Bay Lights.

Die-cast Aluminum: This feature increases the consistency of led lighting fixtures. UFO LED lights have been made of die-cast aluminum which helps the fixture to keep cool and doesn’t get heat-up easily.

Why aluminum is used for making LED lighting fixtures?

Aluminum is the most commonly used material for making led lights. It dissipates the heat and it is a good conductor.

In other words, it is well suited for meeting the heat dissipation requirements of LED lighting fixtures.

Beam-angle: It defines the light beam of the fixture to emit the lighting output. The beam angle of this fixture is 120° which is perfect to illuminate the wide area with a single fixture.

CCT: The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of the fixture indicates the white tint of the fixture. 4000K natural white light and 5700K day white light are the two color temperature of fixture that suits the indoor space.

Controllers: This fixture has a motion sensor and dimmable controller which helps the user to control the fixture. The motion sensor is being used to detect the motion in the beam angle of the fixture. If you to set the lighting output according to your requirement you can do it with the dimmer. It dims the light from 10V to 0V.

What is the benefit of dimmer?

By using dimmer you can set the lighting as per your need and by doing, the fixture consumes less wattage. It leads to reduce the energy consumption which directly impacts the lighting bill and you can save up to 75% money on it.

IP65 Rated: This rating protects the fixture against water splashes and dust which increases the operational life of ufo led lights three times more than metal halide fixture.

CRI: Color Rendering Index (CRI) of this luminaire is higher than HID. 80+ CRI illuminates the quality lighting output to identifies the true color of objects.

These mentioned features emit the better lighting with improved quality output as compared to metal halide fixture and any traditional fluorescent lights.

How Does It Beneficial For You?

This is a UFO disc-like lighting fixture made of the lightweight aluminum housing. It is designed in such a way that lighting is spread over a large area without the need of any reflectors. There are many benefits of this lighting fixture:

Energy Efficient: As compared to traditional fluorescent lamps, the 150W ufo led high bay replaces the 400W fluorescent lamps.

Maintenance Cost: The repairing cost of the fixture is low as compared to metal halide fixture.

Lumen Output: The lumen output is up to 20000lm which specifies that in which quantity light you will get. The lumens of this fixture is higher than traditional lighting fixture.

Operational Life: As compared to fluorescent light, this lighting fixture has 50,000 hours of operational life.

Additional Information

Wattage and Equivalent: 100W UFO LED High Bay, 150W LED UFO High Bay Lights and 200W UFO LED High Bay Lights

Housing: Aluminum

Operational Temperature: -4° F TO +113° F

Voltage Input: 100V - 277V

Where To Buy? is a one-stop online store for all the LED lighting fixture. While we are really proud of helping our customers find an ideal led lights in the market, we also support our customers to understand lighting technology and help them make self-decision.

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