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LED Flood Lights are apt for indoor and outdoor

Did you know, without flood lights, you can’t envisage night sports? Big heavy floodlights shed light on every blade of grass. When you watch the movement of an ace football player Ronaldo in detail, the credit doesn’t go to your TV but to flood Lights. These impeccable lights are no lesser than shining sun at night. Superior floodlights also play a key role in Live concerts. When a talented pop singer moves his legs with a guitar in hands, these lights at a distance facilitate security.

Many of you might not know, when flood lights did not come into existence, halogen lights were used to illuminate soccer grounds. Later on, the invention of floodlights changed the equation. No doubt, these lights are far better than halogen lights, how? Check here.

LED flood lights VS Halogen lights

These lights are designed to last up to 30,000 hours, whereas Halogen lights run only 15,000 hours.

LED lights need zero maintenance whereas Halogen lights need good care.  

LED Lights VS High-Pressure Sodium Lights

LED lights don’t take enough time to intersperse brightness, whereas high-pressure sodium lights take time to spread light.    

Floodlights don’t need any maintenance, whereas high-pressure sodium lights require monitoring and maintenance.

Many art gallery owners put these flood lights near the parking zone. Here these lights help in keeping eyes on vehicles

Impeccable features of Flood Lights

Easily mount.

Glare-free light.

200watt LED light can easily replace 1000 watt Metal Halide light.

An IP65 rating makes LED flood lights strong and sturdy.

150X85 beam angle expands its beam reach.

UL and DLC certificates make these lights reliable.


If you run a gymnasium or sports club and looking for perfect LED flood lights to illuminate the place, then for detailed information like wattage, luminous power, lifespan, and other things, you can have one to one conversation with our customer care executive. 

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