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LED Panel Lights Giving Tough Competition To Simple Fluorescent Lights.

LED Panel Lights look stunning because of their suave looks. If we go deep in its making, thin aluminum frame not only contributes to looks but also helps in the dissipation of heat. Unparalleled features of LED panel light don’t end here, there are a few more things which set it apart from conventional fluorescent lights.

  • Its latest technology helps in the instant start without any humming, flickering or RF interference.
  • Led Panel Light's life is up to 100000 hours, which makes it almost invincible.  
  • These lights are environment-friendly, that means these lights don’t have harmful chemicals like arsenic, cadmium, and mercury.

These lights are apt for restaurants, health institutions, hotels, and grocery stores.

A few years back who would have thought lighting would make such a big difference to the ambiance? In present times, big industries to hotels to shops to restaurants all are striving hard to look best. And for that, the focus is also on lighting. Big stores are ready to shell good money on lights. No doubt their investment on lights has increased footfalls.

led panels

Panel Lights for medical institutions

Alike, medical hospitals have also gone for a makeover. Many hospitals have replaced old dingy lights with suave panel lights. And this has not only enhanced their image but also enriched their business.

Panel Lights for restaurants

Ace restaurant owners know only good food won’t bring business, scintillating ambiance is equally important and that is why they pick LED panel lights.   

Panel Lights for offices

Reception of any office reflects its image. Besides good furniture, fantastic lights also play a crucial role. Prudent entrepreneurs know the importance of smart lights, and that’s why they willingly invest in panel lights. Superior panel lights come in various sizes, viz. 2x2, 2x4 and 1x4.

Conclusion :

Benefits of panel lights become conspicuous when we read “Demand for lighting in the U.S. could be reduced by one-third by 2027 with quick adoption of Led panel.”

No doubt, superb panel lights are in vogue, but which kind of panel light suits your institution or showroom, that needs guidance. In case you find yourself on crossroads regarding your choice, then you can talk to our customer care executive or post the query on LEDMyplace.

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