LED Solar Street Lights for Commercial Applications

LED solar luminaire technology is rapidly moving towards commercial sectors. LED Solar Street Lights are the new replacement for LED Street Light. Whenever we discuss the commercial lighting solution, it doesn’t include walkways and streets only, it includes an entrance of schools, commercial parking lots, industrial areas, and a lot more. LEDMyplace keeps coming up with outdoor luminaires which are latest in technology and style.

led solar street lights

Prominent Features of LED Solar Street Lights

With the rapid development in LED Luminaires technology, these added features improve the solar lighting fixtures:

Control System: You don’t need to operate the fixture, again and again, it is automatic lighting equipment. With the Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) the lithium battery remains fully charged for as long as possible. It is an algorithm that includes charge controllers used for extract the maximum power from photovoltaic under certain conditions.

Strong Battery: With the strong lithium battery back-up, the fixture can operate for 3 days without any requirement of solar charging. [Beneficial feature for winters]

Housing: The aluminum housing of LED solar street lights allows for maximum heat dissipation.  This fixture doesn’t get heated up while operating.

Beam Angle: The fixture has 120° beam angle which means these LED solar lighting fixtures can cast light beam over wider areas and spaces.

Installing too many LED Solar Lights is not a wise idea. So it's better to install a few fixtures to cover larger areas at the same point in time.

The Benefits of LED Solar Street Lights

Solar street lights have raised the outdoor lighting source, which has been powered by photovoltaic solar cell panels. By generating energy directly from sunlight, the fixture doesn’t consume any electrical energy. There are some beneficial features which are well suited for commercial applications.

Longevity: The lifespan of the fixture is three times more than a metal halide fixture. With the 50,000 hours operational life, the fixture requires low maintenance cost. It is an excellent option to illuminate outdoor areas.

Improved Visibility: These solar street lights are far better than traditional lighting fixtures. To detect the improved visibility, you must check the CCT and CRI of the equipment. CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of this fixture is 6000K cool white light which is excellent for streets and any entrance areas. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) discovers the quality of lighting and it is more than 80 which defines the true color of areas and objects.

Eco-Friendly: If we talk about the commercial unit lighting solutions, it must be eco-friendly. LED luminaires to generate less heat and don’t include any harmful components such as mercury, UV and IR rays in the light beam.

Dependability: LED Solar Street Lights do not depend on energy from grid source. It generates its own energy by consuming sunlight during the day and converts it into electrical energy. This benefit leads the commercial sector towards zero lighting bill for not less than 5-6 years.

The Growth of LED Solar Lights in Commercial Sector

According to  Prescient & Strategic Intelligence -- “A major trend in the solar street lighting market is the growing demand of cellular-connected solar street lights. The governments of various developing countries are adopting the use of cellular-connected solar-powered street lights as they can be run at a very low cost and ease the monitoring of lights. Solar street lights, when connected to a mobile network, can be controlled remotely through an IoT enabled device”.

This statement clearly establishes the fact that LED Solar Lights are the future of commercial sectors.


At LEDMyplace, we provide 5 years warranty on our energy LED lighting fixtures including LED Solar Lights. This is the best selling product in our whole category of products. By pre-ordering this fixture, you can add yourself to our millions of satisfied customers.

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