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LED UFO High Bay Lights - The Best Solution To Indoor Commercial Lighting

Are you struggling to light up your large indoor space? It takes a lot of research to find the best lighting solution and making the right decision can be a bit stressful because lights are expensive and not to mention, they are very important.

At LEDMyplace.com, we talk to hundreds of business owners and managers of warehouses, gymnasiums, indoor stadiums, and other commercial units who look for the best LED lighting solutions to light up their space.

They ask us a lot of questions to ensure what they are buying is the best. We completely respect our customers’ queries. It’s a one time expense and they don’t want to be in the trouble of returning the product if it doesn’t fit the application.

Most of the time, we suggest them to go ahead with UFO LED High Bay lights. Why?

  • Commercial Units are rapidly moving towards LED technology
  • Save energy and it will save your money
  • Mounting options of UFO LED High Bay LED Lights

Commercial Units are rapidly moving towards LED technology

While we are LED only company, we deal with hundreds of lighting products that are designed and tested to make them the best option for our customers.

The LED technology is immense, US Energy Department states that “LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology, and has the potential to fundamentally change the future of lighting in the United States.”

Indoor commercial units require lighting at a large scale, with that amount of productivity and investment, it’s almost impossible to compromise with lighting. We have personally seen many still go out buy Metal Halide lighting fixtures due to the lower initial cost but we have seen them suffer paying lighting bills in the long run.

A small insight into the growth of the LED lighting market.

Save energy and it will save your money

Let us show you how LEDs save money with the example of UFO LED High Bay lights, a 400W Metal Halide light give out lower lumen output, that is, less bright than a 150W LED UFO High Bay light.

Lately, we have helped an indoor tennis stadium with a ceiling height of 22ft. change their 35 of their 400W Metal Halide fixtures with 150W LED UFO High Bay Lights. Mathematically, the LED UFO High Bay lights saved them 8750 Watts of energy, which in long run would save them a lot of money and energy.

Mounting options of UFO LED High Bay LED Lights

Being a part of LED Ceiling lights category, LED UFO High Bay lights can be easily installed with a hook. The hanging ring that comes with the UFO high bay must be inserted into the hole of the lamp and must be tightened through a bolt on the hanging ring itself so that UFO lamp is now firmly fixed. This can now be mounted on the ceiling via a hook.

In addition to the above, LED UFO High Bays can be ceiling mounted with an U-Bracket where the HIgh Bay lighting fixture can be adjusted at 140 degrees making it flexible for the indoor space to use the fixture efficiently.


UFO LED High Bay Lights are highly efficient and they have been one of the best selling categories at LEDMyplace.com. While there are commercial units that go for LED Linear High Bay Lights. It depends on the applications and they indoor space itself.

Have you already moved your commercial indoor lighting to LED technology?

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