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LEDMyplace Celebrates Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Black Friday is not until November 29, 2019, though there are just two days to go. This black Friday and cyber Monday, LEDMyplace, is celebrating the eco-friendliness and the energy efficiency of the LED lights. 

The most energy-efficient sale of the year is finally here! 

AtLEDMyplace,we are offering some great discounts on some of our best products. 

This week we are going to offer some great deals, and there is something for everyone; business owners, homeowners, and big institutions.

With every purchase over $999, We are offering-

LEDs are just not for utilities; their impact on the lives goes far deeper than what it looks on the surface. This festive season, gift your loved ones LED lights because they would bring some significant change in their life. 

Why Should You Buy LED Lights?

LED lights are liability during installation and an asset for the rest of their lifetime

LEDs are better than any light you might be already using in terms of 

- Energy Efficiency- LED lights are the most energy-efficient lighting, and they consume 50% or lesser energy than incandescent or fluorescent lights

- Long Life- LED lights are energy-saving as well as LEDs last 3 to 20 times longer than the old lighting technologies 

LED lights can make your workplace or commercial space more productive. Their daylighting mimicking ability have some great impact on the mood and focus of employees

LED lights are the best choice for retail stores; they felicitate fast sales by rendering excellent illumination and textures that keep the customer,s attention focused on the desired area

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