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Perfect Lighting Ideas for Salons

If you are looking forward to opening a brand new salon or want to renovate your current business, comfortable chairs and classy interior will give your salon an artistic look but bad lighting can ruin the space look.

At LEDMyplace, we enlighten many salons with their required lighting fixtures and give their salon a stunning look. There are four main lighting fixtures which are ideal for salon and gives a soothing atmosphere.

What type of light is crucial for a salon?

The lighting fixture with 90+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) would the soulful fixture for the salons because it shows the natural and real color of the object.

Lighting Ideas for Salons

Mirror Lights

The mirror is being used to show that reflection of yourself and to see the visible changes in yourself. LED Vanity Mirrors makes you see yourself crystal clear even in night time. This is an energy-efficient lighting fixture which saves up to 80% energy on lighting bills.

This lighting fixture allows you to change the CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) 3000K warm white light, 4200K natural white light, and 6000K cool white light. This fixture helps the stylist to take a very clear look at the texture of the skin and hair and once the stylist completes their delicate work.

With the defogger feature, this fixture doesn’t require cleaning on a regular basis. This fixture keeps completely clean without any swirls and streaks leaving behind.

led vanity mirror

Ceiling Lights

It is important to illuminate the salon surface space from the ceiling. LED Flush Mount fixtures are available in different shapes such as round mushroom, round brushed nickel, LED Double ring, and many more which suits every kind of interior designs.

With the perfect illumination, the stylists can serve their best ever services to your clients and make them satisfied with the amazing new look. A salon needs constant light for more than 12 hours, to keep the consistency in lighting don’t forget to mount our wonderful collection of ceiling lighting to add a fresh style to your salon.

Our lighting fixtures are easy to install and provide the decorative touch to your workplace and DIY renovation projects. With the LED technology, you will get the soften and zero dark spots to space.

Wardrobe Lights

Every well-reputed salon keeps its quality products in the wardrobe and makes it highlighted to appealing the clients. LED Strip Lights are the perfect lighting fixture to illuminate the closet interiors and products.

By using these strip lights you can reduce energy consumption by 90% and save money on lighting bills. With the small lighting changes, any salon can make their salon classy and attractive like never before.

Depending on your budget, choose from different types of strip lights to increase the functionality of your wardrobe design.

Accent Lights

Bring your client’s attention to something on a particular product in your salon. Accents lights are also known as directional lights. LEDMyplace have many directional lights known as LED Bulbs which is specially manufactured to highlight the interiors and exclusive product and get special attention from your clients.

Before adding any LED Lighting bulbs, look for an expert’s advice. The aim of this fixture is to provide the bright lighting output at low energy consumption. Think of this type of salon with stronger lights, the ones that accentuate an area of your business.

Rules to Remember
  • Make sure that you are investing in certified products.
  • Choose the color temperature according to your interiors.
  • CRI (Color Rendering Index) of the lighting fixture must be more than 90+.
  • Avoid lighting that creates shadows on a client’s face.
  • It must have a dimmable feature.
  • Should have more than 50,000 hours of operational life.

LEDMyplace combines an exclusive range of LED lighting fixtures that make any salon the perfect environment for working, coloring, cutting, and styling. Along with the lighting assistance, we also offer value help support services which can help you meet the budget for your lighting project.

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