Three Facts of LED Solar Lights You May Not Know

Solar lighting structures have been spreading all over the world. When it comes to choosing solar lights for outdoors, it is very important to know that the fixture is designed and what its illumination power.

LEDMyplace introducing LED Solar Lights system which is an essential step to utilizing natural sources as much as possible. According to the market analysis, energy consumption has been increased by 75% by using incandescent lamps, HID lighting fixtures, metal-halide fixture, and fluorescent lamps.

The solar outdoor lighting fixtures don’t consume electrical energy and generate it’s my own by utilizing the sunlight. In this article, we provide a quick overview of three facts about the LED Solar Lights. Knowing all the technical considerations will help you to analysis which solar light fixture is perfect for your application.

led solar lightsVariants of LED Solar Lights

Every solar lighting fixture depends on the technology used in the system. Choosing the right fixture for space can be challenging but before purchasing it you must decide the space, where you want to install it. There are some fixtures listed below for different space:

Solar LED Wall Pack: By replacing the metal halide lamp with the solar led wall pack can lead you to save 100% energy and offer the exact same lighting output as MH fixture do. 5W solar wall pack can replace 60W metal halide fixture. It emits 5700K day white light color temperature.

With the beam angle of 110-degree, this fixture illuminates space with mercury-free lighting. The fixture has installed motion sensor allows you to detect any motion and notify you with an alarm.

What is the Motion Sensor?

The Motion Sensor is a device that detects physical movements and gives the users an alert notification through embedded devices such as smartphones, smart TVs, tablet computers, and security systems.

LED Solar Street Lights: The available wattage of this fixture is 20W, 40W, and 60W which replaces 50W, 90W, and 110W metal halide lighting fixtures. With the beam angle of 140x70°, it brightens the outdoor area with 6000K cool white lighting output.

It is an IP67 rated product that can save itself from unwanted insertion such as water and dirt. With the 50,000+ hours long operational life, the fixture doesn’t require maintenance cost. High lumen output can illuminate the space from the 15ft pole.

LED Solar Flood Light: It is a new LED outdoor lighting fixture which is a direct substitute of metal halide fixture. The fixture comes in the wattage of 15W (replaces 40W), 30W (replaces 80W), and 60W (replace 120W MH fixture). The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) of the fixture is 6000K cool white light which is perfect lighting for outside space.

The CRI (Color Rendering Index) is more than 80 which specifies that the fixture emits the quality light to the surface to specifies the true color of objects.

Facts of LED Solar Lights

After grabbing the information about the solar led fixtures, here are some facts that you should know before buying LED Solar Lights:

Average Efficiency: The efficiency of this fixture is more than any led lighting fixture. The reason behind is, it is a totally eco-friendly fixture and doesn’t consume electrical energy to operates. This lighting fixture offers high lumen output per wattage as compared to other fluorescent lights. It means you will get better lighting at low cost

Fixture Construction: It has been made of die-cast aluminum which doesn’t get heat-up the fixture, this heat sink feature increases the operational life and durability of the product. The fixture has a huge battery lithium back-up which can store the electrical energy which can illuminate the areas for 2-3 days without recharge the battery.

Surge Protection: The solar led lights have an inbuilt surge protection feature which protects the fixture from thunder strike during the bad weather.

What is Surge Protection?

It is an electrical device that protects the equipment against power surges and voltage spikes. Without this electrical device, anything higher than 120V can create component issues, reduces the lifespan of internal devices, and burned wires.

Where to Buy?

To pre-order LED Solar Lights, LEDMyplace is an online store which offers years warranty on our every lighting fixture.

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