Top 3 Mistakes To Avoid, When Buying High Bay UFO LED Lights!

While writing this blog being a team member of LEDMyPlace, I get reminded of a warehouse owner who in the very first instance didn’t care about how good the light fixture is and as an outcome had to purchase the second metal-halide high bay after the first within a span of just 3 years. When we showed him our high bay UFO LED lights, he was stunned seeing the light output and couldn’t help ordering for one. This is just one example. There are many buyers who are not aware of UFO high bay LED lights and that is why I chose to write this blog.

Now,  before  I begin talking about how one high bay UFO LED differs from another and so that you can avoid the common mistakes, I must talk about the major differences that exist between different kinds of high bays such as LED linear high bays, LED linear aisle lights, UFO LED high bays and metal-halide high bays.

High Bay UFO LED Lights In Comparison With Other High Bays

Let’s first understand the essential features of all kinds of high bays one after the another.

The Traditional High Bays

The traditional high bays such as HID lights, HPS lights, or metal-halide lights are light fixtures that are of pendant-style and usually need reflectors because of the omni-directional light beam they emit. Despite the reflectors, these light fixtures waste a lot of light in the form of heat. These lights consume a lot of power to deliver the same amount of light output or lumen brightness as that of LED high bays and have a much shorter lifespan than any of the LED high bays used for warehouse applications.       

LED Linear High Bay Lights

The LED linear high bay light fixtures are panel-style lights and resemble troffer light fixtures. These high bay lights usually come with beam angles of 110 degrees and able to distribute over larger areas because of the light being spread in a rectangular fashion. These lights are used for ceiling heights of up to 15ft, the ceiling heights playing a major role in warehouse lighting. The LED linear high bay lights can be used for illuminating the racks, shelves and all other areas in a warehouse but not central workstation areas.        

LED Linear Aisle Lights

The LED linear aisle lights have a beam angle of 60x90 degrees to illuminate aisle floors and without any light spill. These can be installed at high ceiling heights or the aisles of maximum width, thus being ideal for storage areas, gyms, grocery stores, wholesale club stores, etc. other than warehouses.     

High Bay UFO LED Lights

These high bay lights are UFO-style which means having the shape of a flying saucer and emitting light in circular fashion but with a beam angle of 120 degrees. Because of such ultra wide beam angle, the high bay UFO LED lights can cover wide spaces and huge areas. These high bays don’t need reflectors and so too other high bays that are of the LED kind. These high bays are heavy-duty and perfect for factory and warehouse settings. These high bays can be used for other facilities too such as laundry, gymnasium, aircraft hangars, or even a car wash centers. These are also designed to look stylish and much brighter than any of the other high bays.   

The above comparison is enough to make out how good UFO high bays are when it comes to illuminating the workstations, being the high-end ‘óverhead lights’. So, now when it comes to choosing a suitable UFO LED high bay light, you must avoid the following mistakes.

Check For Industrial and Commercial Grade Light Fixture  

If the height of ceilings in your factory or warehouse is 20ft and above, you must choose UFO LED high bay light that is of industrial or commercial grade quality. Such kinds of UFO high bays can provide you with just enough brightness as overhead lights when you will not need a number of fixtures within a given space. These UFO high bays will also be heavy-duty but still light-weight and almost no lumen depreciation until the end of lifespan.      

Look For Lumen Efficacy And Not Just Wattage

A lot of industrial and commercial users of high bays look for wattage but not lumen efficacy. The lumen efficacy can be calculated by knowing the wattage and lumen output of the UFO high bay. Compare this with a traditional high bay such as metal-halide. If this figure turns out to be more, you can let all other choices come to rest on this kind of high bay.    

Look For Dimmable Light Fixtures

Look for UFO LED high bays that a be dimmed from 0-10V so that you or your workers can dim the lights when there’s no or less need for bright lights. In this way, you can save significant energy and also have a change of ambience.     

In Conclusion

Along with the knowledge on different kinds of high bays, if you avoid the top 3 mistakes as mentioned here, you can save yourself from many hassles and also save money in the form of utility expenses, maintenance, and replacement costs.

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