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Warehouse Lighting Ideas

Are you looking for a perfect lighting solution for your warehouse? At LEDMyplace, we helped many warehouses to get their ideal lighting fixtures. Our lighting fixtures are UL, DLC, Energy Star, and DLC premium listed.

The warehouse is a commercial building which consumes high energy just to enlightens the space. To reduce energy consumption and save 75% money on lighting bills, install below-mentioned lighting fixture to your warehouse.

  • 150W UFO LED High Bay Lights
  • LED Integrated Tubes
  • Solar LED Wall Packs
  • LED Solar Flood Lights

150W UFO LED High Bay Lights

If you want to use an energy-efficient lighting fixture just mount 150W LED UFO High Bay Lights which illuminate the wide space from the height of 20ft ceiling at low energy consumption. This 150W fixture directly replaces the 400W metal halide fixture. With the wide beam angle of 120-degree, it emits the safe (mercury-free, UV-free & IR-free rays) lighting to the surface.

The correlated color temperature of this fixture is 5700K day white light which fills your space with brightening light. The best application of this fixture is an indoor high bay workspace. Go with the bright light solution and install UFO LED High Bay Light, it briefly defines the each and every detail of the object with the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of 80+.

With the dimmer feature, you can set the lighting output from 10V - 0V as per your requirement and leads yourself to low energy bills.

LED Integrated Tube

This tube is different from LED Tubes because of the shape of this integrated tube. With the V-shape, this LED Integrated Tube comes in two varieties such as clear and frosted. The integrated tube come in the three different sizes 2ft, 4ft, and 8ft.

LED Integrated Tube

Got Confused? Which tube do you need? Well, T8 8ft V Shape 60W LED Integrated Tube is the best lighting fixture for your warehouse. The specialty of this lighting fixture is 220-degree ultra wide beam angle which is 100-degree wider than LED Tube. It illuminates the wider space at low energy consumption. With the 6500K cool white lighting output, this lighting device is for the storage area in the warehouse.

LED Solar Wall Pack

It is important to illuminate the indoor space with blazing light but what about the outdoor space. Generally, many warehouses install LED outdoor lighting fixtures to emit lighting to outdoor space as well. 5W Solar LED Wall Pack is the most recommended lighting fixture because it saves 100% money on energy bills.

This fixture generates its own energy directly from the sun rays via solar panel installed on top of the fixture. With the lithium battery back-up, the fixture stored energy and it is last long for 3 days without charging.

led solar wall pack

With the 5700K color temperature, this fixture also comes with the 50,000 hours long lifespan. As it already shown in the image, you can mount the fixture on the top of an outdoor wall to lighten the space wisely.

LED Solar Flood Light

It is also an outdoor lighting fixture which illuminates the blazing and sparkling light from 20ft - 25ft height. LED Solar Flood Lights are also known as security light which is most often used outside of the warehouse to increase security measures.

When choosing for a flood light fixture, must look for the 60W LED Solar Flood Light because it replaces the  120W metal halide fixture.

Just like wall pack lighting, it also installed at the top of the warehouse to illuminate the wide space. The lifecycle of this fixture’s battery is 1000 lifecycles. With the inbuilt surge protection, this fixture is safe from bad weather conditions and thunder strikes. LED Solar Flood Lights are a great lighting fixture for investment.

Our ultimate goal is to decor your warehouse with the ideal lighting fixtures, these above-mentioned fixtures are perfect just as welcoming and look attractive. Get in touch with our LED experts to get the full product knowledge and the right way to install the fixture.

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