Which Lighting Fixture Is Good For Retail Stores?

Have you ever searched for the perfect lighting solution for your retail store? Then you might get confused between many ideal fixtures.

At LEDMyplace, we are proud to help many retail store owners to get their perfect lighting fixtures which help them to save a lot in lighting bills.

T8 LED Tubes are one of the most selling product in our LED Indoor Lights section.Let’s discuss the types of LED tubes and how do they offer low energy bills after operating 14 hours per day.

Types of T8 LED Tube:

  • 4 Feet Single Ended Tubes
  • 8ft Single Pin LED Tube
  • Ballast Compatible Tubes (Which work with ballast only)
  • Ballast Bypass Tubes (This kind of tubes doesn’t require the ballast to operate)
  • Hybrid Tubes (This type of tubes are compatible with ballast and without ballast)

Above mentioned tubes are very beneficial and energy efficient for retail stores and any indoor space.

What Are The Features?

We provide significant features in our tubes which helps you understand the product in brief. We have two types of t8 led tubes such as clear tube and frosted tube to illuminate the space with quality light output. Here are some features which define the products’ characteristics:

Beam Angle: The beam angle of the T8 LED tube is being divided into two parts such as clear tubes have 220-degree beam angle and frosted 120-degree.

CRI: Color Rendering Index of the fixture is more than 80 which pours the quality light to the surface. Because of this feature, your customer would be able to identify the original color of objects and the things you keep at the store.

CCT: This feature defines the white tint of the tube. We have an ultimate range of color temperature tubes which fulfill your lighting desires. 4000K neutral white light, 5700K day white light, and 6000K cool white light. We have noticed that most of the stores’ owners have installed 6000K led tubes because it illuminates the space with blazing light output at the low energy cost.

Compatibility: We have a wide range of tubes which can operate as per your requirements. The ballast compatible which you can operate with your available ballast. Ballast bypass tube, this type of tube doesn’t require any ballast to operate. Hybrid tubes, these tubes can work with ballast and without ballast. Demand your requirement, we have that product for you.

Lumen Output: The lumen output of the fixture is up to 1800lm which spreads the blazing light to the surface. Higher the lumen output increases the reach of light and brightness of the lighting.

Die-cast Aluminum: Housing of the tube has been made of die-cast aluminum which dissipates the heat and keeps the fixture cool. This feature increases the durability and life of the fixture.

led tube lights

How Is It Beneficial For You?

Every retail store owner wants to save money on lighting bills. By using conventional bulbs and traditional fluorescent tubes, savings while using these lights is a dream. By using T8 LED Tubes, you can save up to 75% on lighting bills, seems like a dream is getting fulfilled?

Voltage Input: Voltage can fluctuate anytime. Is your current lighting fixture ready to face it? Might be yes or not. Our tubes have passed many performance tests which included the fluctuations as well. The voltage input of the fixture is 120V - 277V which can face fluctuations anytime.

Directional Lighting: If you are using a traditional lighting fixture, you must be aware of unfocused light. Our tubes emit the directional and focused lighting output to the user.

Longer Operational Life: The lifespan of our tubes is three times more than fluorescent tubes. With the 50,000+ hours, this fixture requires low maintenance cost.

On/Off Time: The fixture turns on instantly at the moment when you plug the switch without getting late. It doesn’t even flicker or make humming noise during its operation.

Non-Toxic Lighting: The fixture lighting output doesn’t include any harmful elements such as mercury, UV, and IR rays.

Where To Buy?

At LEDMyplace, we offer energy efficient fixtures to fulfill your lighting requirement. LED tubes can get you more return on your investment, they might look expensive at the beginning but in the long run, LED lights can get you more than what you expect.

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