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Why Choose LED Panels For Corporate Space?

Corporate spaces like offices, retail shops and many alike are considering a switch to LED Panel Lights to saving on power consumption. Here are the reasons. Why? 

At LEDMyplace, we are proud of our flawless LED indoor lighting fixtures that help the consumer to save up to 75% money on lighting bills. In this article, we will be highlighting the below-mentioned topics to elaborate on our product briefly.

led panel lights

Characteristics and Benefits of Ideal LED Panel Lights

If your search for the perfect ceiling lighting fixture for your workspace, you will get the wide varieties of the thousands of companies who are providing the same type of fixture, but always choose for the company which is offering certified and tested LED lighting products.

At LEDMyplace, we have UL, DLC, and Energy Star listed LED panel lighting fixtures. The available sizes of this fixture are:

Here are some ultimate features of our panel lighting fixture in brief:

White Tint: To identify the white tint, check the CCT(CCT - Correlated Color Temperature). The color temperature of this fixture 4000K natural white light and 5000K day white light which emits the perfect white tint for indoor areas.

Color Accuracy: If you want to know the color accuracy of the fixture, look for the CRI (Color Rendering Index), it lightens the corporate space with the quality light. The color rendering index of this LED panel lighting fixture is more than 80.

Luminous Flux: The luminous flux is also known as lumens, it measures energy use.

The below-mentioned table defines “How Lumens Actually Works Per Wattage?



Per Wattage













Fixture Casting
: After analyzing the usage of corporate sectors, we have manufactured this fixture by using die-cast aluminum, it keeps the fixture cool and makes it shatterproof. It also increases the operational life.

Existence Time: The existence time of panel light is “50,000 hours” which is 2 - 3 times more than any fluorescent tubes. In the corporate sector, the high amount from funds and profit has been spent on repairing and maintenance expenditure. With the long operational life, this fixture requires low maintenance cost which saves a lot on repair.

Light Beam: Beam angle of any lighting fixture plays an important role in illumination. The beam angle leads the lighting in a directional way. The light beam of this lighting fixture is 120-degree. With the help of this fixture, the corporate sectors can illuminate the whole space by using a few fixtures only.

Secure Lighting Output: The lighting output of LED panel lights doesn’t include any hazardous elements such as mercury, UV, and IR ray. These rays can cause headache, eye strain and many other little inconveniences.

Remember, a happy and motivated worker is also hard-working and loyal workforce, in which they will do anything to help your business to be successful.

Where To Buy?

At LEDMyplace, we have helped many corporate sectors by providing them with energy efficient lighting fixtures. We have DLC and Energy Star certified LED panel lights. We offer installation service and 5 years warranty along with 30 days replacement policy.

If you have any particular problem in our lighting fixtures or want to know more about our product, feel free to contact us (888-972-6211) or chat with our customer care executive directly through our website.

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