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Why Do We Celebrate Black Friday

Winter and festive season is here. Americans are excited as thanksgiving day, and black Friday 2019 is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is a popular day, an occasion for family gatherings and a delightful turkey dinner. 

Family celebrations also encourage shopping days, and if its Halloween, it’s a jackpot for the shopping industry and customers alike. Black Friday comes following the day of Thanksgiving, and this is kind of a national day for shopping.

Black Friday’s origin dates back to the 1960s. A large crowd of people gathered in the city of Philadelphia, causing traffic jams in the streets and parking lots. Shopper and shopkeepers both were excited about the occasions, and police had a time managing the crowd.  

This little shopping affair became a full-fledged trend across the states. By the end of the 1980s, Black Friday became a shopping tradition. To draw most of the customers into the black Friday sales, retailers opened their stores at 6 AM, which was pulled by 6 hours, i.e., 12 AM. 

The excitement amongst shoppers could be estimated by ques of tents people pitched in the line of customers. The waiting line starts forming before midnight. “Early bird” discounts made people swarm around the shops like birds, to get the best discounts of the year.

As more retailers joined the E-commerce space, black Friday became an online shopping phenomenon. Online shopping turned the tables. To avoid the hassle in the stores, and fighting the crowds there, people started preferring online over offline to get Black Friday deals.

The latest addition to these shopping days is Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is a shopping day for those who shop online. On Cyber Monday, shops offer online discounts to their customers. 

A few key points about these shopping days-

  1. People plan these days weeks in advance, with specific stores for their exact needs.
  2.  Electronics and toys outsell every other item. 
  3. The best discounts are offered on black Friday.

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