Why LED Corn Bulbs are better than HID lights?

The corn bulb has an undeniably pleasing aesthetic. It was the first to be made in shape and design and eventually became a sight in every household. With the onset of new technology, the filament bulb, however, became obsolete. The filament would burn up causing a need to frequently replace and change bulbs.

Moreover, eventually, newer technology was capable of providing brighter and more intense lighting which was preferred, obviously. The corn bulbs became less popular with the new wave of LED culture.

In 2008, however, a new marriage of the LED technology with the filament type bulbs was witnessed. The LED corn bulbs essentially use LED in the form of filaments along with embodying the typical shape of a corn bulb. This makes it practical to use while providing the same old aesthetic of the corn bulbs.

The LED corn bulbs have gained widespread popularity in the day and age where lighting is no more for mere functional purposes. The corn shaped bulb looks aesthetically pleasing while providing a luminous intensity far more powerful than the filament bulb. The light can be uniformly distributed via the rounded shape.

Hence, LED corn bulbs successfully fulfill the twin purposes of functionality and visual appeal.

Embedded LED Chips

The functional part of the LED corn bulb is the LED filament. It is not an actual filament of tungsten but is a structure that looks like the conventional filament which consists of multi-diodes arranged together. A series of LEDs connected forms the LED filament.

It is a long-lasting form of lighting that can be easily applied to everyday use. A single bulb or multiple bulbs can be used to light up an area depending on the requirement.

LED corn bulbs instantly light up to full brightness and therefore can be depended on to provide light along with being aesthetically pleasing.

LED Bulb for accessory lighting

LED corn bulbs are mainly used for the purpose of accessory lighting. The entire idea of arranging the diodes and using the traditional shape is to harness the visual appeal that an incandescent bulb provides.

Corn bulbs are used in table lamps, lamp sheds, vanity mirrors, chandeliers and other hanging lights for decorative purposes.

Since the LED technology is generally long lasting, these bulbs can easily be used without having to worry about frequent replacements. In some instances, they can be used to provide a mood lighting vibe. The uses of the LED corn bulbs are multi-faceted.


These bulbs are modern enough to be able to light up space adequately yet traditional enough to give a quarrying vibe to the look of a place. Interior designing areas that include a classic or bohemian style can make good use of the LED corn bulbs to create the vibe. The key factor here is that they are equally functional as well.

Therefore, offices and commercial places do not refrain from the use of LED corn bulbs generously. The beauty industry endorses LED bulbs for their functional variety. One can use LED corn bulbs in a domestic setup in countless ways.

Whether it is a night lamp with a tinted glass or a bulb with a decorative frosted glass shade, it can find a place in our homes in multiple creative ways. Bathroom lighting can be taken to a whole new level with the use of LED corn lights, not to mention, the everyday popular use it already amasses in our surroundings.

A perfect balance of old school and functional can be seen in the form of LED corn bulbs. Thus, they are an ever growing popular sight in everyday life.

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