Why LED Flood Light Is Better Than Halogen Fixture?

Wondering what is the difference between LED Flood Lights and Halogen fixtures?

Well, the difference between both the lighting fixtures are crystal clear. In this article, we will highlight the main factors of each fixture and which one better for your application with the following points.

  • What are the features of these lighting fixtures?
  • Why do you need LED Flood Light more than Halogen?
  • How many fixtures do you need?

Before we jump on the highlighted topics, let us describe you the LED flood light and halogen in a brief.

Flood Lights are often used to illuminate the outdoor areas holding low energy consumption and offer high lumen output to the surface. Whereas halogen lighting fixture is a type of incandescent equipment which uses halogen gas to increase the lighting output and operational life.

Led flood lights

What are the features of these fixtures?

In this section, you will get to know about every feature of both of the fixtures.

Lumen Output: The lumen output clarifies the brightness of the light. Higher the lumen specifies brighter the lighting output and vice versa. Lumen count of a 300W halogen bulb is less than 10000 lumens whereas a 300W LED Flood Lights hold up to 40,000 lumens.

Beam Angle: This feature measures the distribution of light into degrees. The beam angle of a flood light is 120° which is much wider than the halogen lighting lamp.

Color Rendering Index: In the above two features, you got to know about “How you can calculate the lighting output in number?” But this feature will describe the quality of light. 70+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) offers the quality lighting output for the better viewing of an object and shows the true color of it.

IP Ratings: Ingress Protection (IP) rating determines the safety of the product against dust, insects, and water jets. The ratings of flood light are IP65 whereas halogen light bulb IP20 rated.

Note: What is IP ratings?

The IP followed by two digits and letters. “I” defined the protection against solid elements like dust materials, insects, and screws. “P” defines the protection against liquid elements.

Correlated Color Temperature: The color temperature explains the color of the lighting output. Both of the lighting fixtures holds same color temperature 5700K (Day White Light).

Construction: The manufacturing of both of the objects are different whereas halogen lamp has been made fragile glass and halogen gas. The LED Flood Light is manufactured by die-cast aluminum and heat sink dissipation, this feature keeps the fixture cool and increases the durability of the fixture.

Both of these have different features which define that the LED flood light is far better than a halogen lighting fixture.

Why Do You Need LED Flood Light Over Halogen?

Apart from the features, LED flood light fixture has multiple benefits as stated below.

Energy Efficient: This flood light operates on low energy consumption which leads you to save up to 70% money on lighting bills.

Lighting Output: As we have already described the lighting in the above section. Now you will get to know that lighting output contains any element or not. While you are operating halogen lamps, you may face hazardous rays such as mercury, UV, and IR rays whereas the flood does not contain any of them.

Dimmable: It allows you to control the lighting output from 10V to 0V, it also leads to reducing more energy consumption.

How many LED Flood Light fixtures do you need?

Well!! It totally depends on the how wider your area is. If you want to know about how many fixtures you require as per your area, get connected to our experts directly through the live chat support or you can directly call them via our official website LEDMyplace and clarify your queries.

According to the  Digital Journal, “LED flood lights represent one of the most popular types of outdoor lighting options. They consume less energy and offer higher illumination as compared to other lighting products as compared to incandescent and fluorescent flood lights.In the end, LED Flood Lights are far better than halogen lighting bulbs.

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