Your small gestures show how much you love mother earth...

...Use of an LED bulb is one of the signs.  

5 years back, New York City hosted a science exhibition. Around 120 industrialists participated in that exhibition. That year, the theme was profit through energy conservation. Surprisingly, industrialists came with a lot of innovative ideas. Some of the entrepreneurs suggested how they churned out profits by curbing energy wastage.

Others talked about solar machines in the office and industries. Among these entrepreneurs, there was an industrialist, who came with an energy audit report.

This industrialist presented his industry’s energy audit report, according to the report, use of LED Bulbs for the last five years helped him saving money, sufficient to buy a new drying machine.

When asked, did he really buy that machine? He said I picked LED Bulbs over Edison bulbs to save the mother earth from toxic chemicals like mercury and cadmium.

led bulbs

According to him, there are so many LED Bulbs around (A   Style, BR LED Bulbs, MR LED Bulbs and LED IP 64 Corn Bulb 18 watt) still people buy incandescent or fluorescent bulbs.        

When asked does LED Bulbs also contribute to monetary savings, that industrialist presented some real facts which also manifested his broad knowledge. Here we are presenting real facts, presented by him. We hope, once you are over with the facts, you too pick LED Bulb over other bulbs.

As per report presented by him the average American home has approximately 50 sockets, about 60% of them still contain an inefficient light bulb. Two dollar high quality LED bulbs can fill those sockets and save Americans more than $6 billion a year to light their homes.

Many people don’t know LED Bulbs are environment-friendly. When you pick these bulbs, you inadvertently support environment. These bulbs also have some special traits which make them rust and dust free.

Conclusion:We have a lot more information about these bulbs. In case you are interested, kindly talk to our customer care executive.

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