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Collection: LED Troffers

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About LED Troffers

LED troffer lights are square or rectangular lighting fixtures. These lights can be a good option for Panel Lights. The only difference is that, while panel lights are good to be surface-mounted in suspended grid ceilings, LED troffer lights are best for modular dropped ceilings.

LED troffer lights are mostly picked by educational, hospitality and various other institutions. In certain aspects, these lights are way better than fluorescent fixtures. Like, CCT, CRI and LM, and dimmability.

Why LED Troffers instead of Fluorescent 

Energy Saving:

LED is one out of many solutions. The lumens output per wattage (i.e., efficiency) are always greater in case of LED Lights as compared to fluorescent lights. Research proves that, on average, LED is 50 percent more efficient than fluorescent tubes. Which surely cut down the overall expenditure on bills to half?

Low Maintenance:

On an average a typical LED troffers to have an expected life about 40000 hours to 80000 hours which is almost double of fluorescent tubes. This is achieved by it’s slow degrade process and thus it can illuminate continuously for 12 hours for 10 years. Moreover, with premium Epistar LED chip & high-quality aluminum body, the efficiency of our LED troffers significantly increases.

Excellent Performance:

The quality of lights, light efficacy, rendering index truly determines the performance of any luminary. The LED troffer lights are available in two color temperature, 4000 and 5000Kelvin This light fixtures utilize optimum wattage to provide you the highest lumens output.Light sources with a CRI of 80 to 90 are considered good at color rendering. All our LED troffers with CRI>80, makes the color of an object more subtle and real.

Why LEDMyplace (Our USPs)

Currently, we have two size-variations of LED troffer lights: 2X2(square) and 2X4(rectangle). Both of them are dimmable variants with 4000K & 5000K color temperature. All our troffers are made up of superior quality materials. The concave part of our luminary is finished with high reflection synthetic coating. 

And that’s not all, these troffers have a good lifespan. And an excellent warranty on lights is one more reason to purchase these lights.