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Collection: LED Tubes

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About LED Tubes

LED tube lights are an energy-efficient replacement to fluorescent tubes at places with standard ceiling height, like residential complexes, garages, storage areas, and the likes. They are fast replacing the existing fluorescent fixtures as they emit better light color, require less maintenance, and have at least 5 times longer life. This cost-effective lighting method is much loved when it comes to home as well as office indoor lighting.

Types Available

Depending on the existing tube light fixture, you may choose from the following types of LED tube lights available at LEDMyPlace:

Type A

These are plug-n-play type lights. That is, they are ballast-compatible so essentially you simply get them home and install into the existing fixture and voila! Bright light is all over the place. However, you need to check the ballast compatibility with your power company.

Type B

Type-B LED tube lights do not require a ballast to function. You simply need to direct-wire them by bypassing the ballast to enjoy bright LED light across the room. A change of sockets is suggested when going in for direct-wire LED tubes.

Type A+B

The most recent addition to the world of lighting is Hybrid LED tubes. They are a combination of Type A & B where you can either simply plug-n-play or direct-wire them to bypass the ballast. They are basically ballast-compatible but work just fine even when it is not there.

It is however recommended that you always bypass the ballast and direct-wire the fixture for better efficiency of light.