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Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Edge, Back and Front Lit Bathroom Mirror

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About LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Edge, Back and Front Lit Bathroom Mirror

Transform the bathroom or bedroom into an elegant, functional space for getting ready with a lighted mirror. LEDMyplace offers vanity mirrors that can be used sitting on top of your dresser in styles ranging from Old Hollywood glam to sleek and modern; they're also available in wall-mounted options. LED Vanity Mirrors are a great way to apply makeup and check your appearance. Here you will not only find many different shapes and sizes of LED Mirrors to choose from but also find the right correlated color temperature (CCT) for your personal style!

LED Mirrors are the perfect addition to any bathroom. They add bright illumination without taking up too much space, and they can be used as medicine cabinets or vanity mirrors if desired! Our LED Lighted mirror medicine cabinets are perfect for any bathroom. They come in a variety of sizes, from small 24" models all the way up to 48". The long-life LEDs will never need replacing because they last over 50 thousand hours!

With a lighted bathroom mirror from LEDMyplace, you can now enjoy the perfect style and features that will meet your needs. It includes an in-built defogger, one-touch On/Off switch as well as front or backlit options for maximum visibility of any task at hand!

Description of LED Vanity Mirrors

The best way to make your bathroom spaces more modern and stylish is by adding the LED Vanity Mirror, providing you with an elegant reflection. The light behind it can be changed according to what color or style that suits better for any given situation; there are four different colors available - black silver white gold - which will provide clarity in every angle no matter where they're located on walls near windows over countertops at each end of tubs like full-length double vanities found inside cabinetry-type bathrooms (vanity)

The luxuriously sleek design makes this product perfect not just as decoration but also functionality with its ability fogless mirrors

These mirrors are available in all possible geometric shapes. You can install them horizontally or vertically, according to their respective shapes.

Why choose LED Vanity mirrors?

When it comes to choosing the LED mirrors, there are lots of varieties available in the market. However, knowing the correct reason for the purchase will help you get the apt LED Vanity Mirror. So, to help you, let’s discuss some qualities of LED lighted mirrors.

  • Interior Designing

The vanity mirror with lights can transform a mundane place into an attractive one—the gorgeous designs of the LED mirror help to enhance the interior design of the place.

  • Dual-Functionality

The LED vanity Mirrors are not only a beauty statement but offer dual functionality as medicine cabinets. The cabinets with the mirror can be used to store everyday necessities like body wash, face wash, soap, and many more.

  • Advanced Features

The Bathroom Mirror with lights is designed with the latest technological features. These features are the major attraction for purchasing the LED mirrors. Some of the mirrors are also available with Bluetooth and speaker connections.

  • Cost-Efficiency

The LED Light mirrors are highly cost-efficient with the lowest maintenance costs. It also saves a lot of money on your utility bills.

Ideas for choosing the best LED lighted Mirrors for the bathroom

Can you imagine a bathroom without a mirror? Of course, not! Every bathroom is incomplete without a mirror. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small, large, medium, modern or contemporary bathroom. Mirrors are a must-have for all the bathrooms.

This is the 21st century, and we have the mirror of the century, so why not transcend our bathroom with the gorgeous LED Vanity Mirrors? But there are some tips before you choose the apt LED lighted mirror for your bathroom. So let’s binge into it and give your bathroom a fantastic look.

  1.  Mirror Size

It is essential to measure the dimensions of the wall before buying a suitable LED mirror for your bathroom space. If you have a small bathroom area, try to install a large LED lighted mirror. This will create the illusion of space and will make your bathroom look spacious. So Mirror size is an important factor while choosing the best mirror for your space.

  1.  Mirror Design

LED mirrors are known for their attractive and elegant designs. There are various options available in the market when it comes to mirror design. We suggest choosing the LED mirror designs according to the interior design of your bathroom. You may go for the framed or frameless mirror designs, or you can choose any shape like oval, rectangle or square.

  1.  Purpose of the mirror

Purpose always plays the most important part while buying any product. For example, decide whether you need the bathroom mirror with lights for renovating your bathroom or daily use like shaving, makeup, hair, or dresses. The purpose will help you to make the wiser decision for illuminating your bathroom.

What to look for in LED Vanity Mirrors?

There are some attractive features that are essential to choosing the best LED vanity mirrors. Let us discuss the top 3 features which make the lighted mirrors highly efficient.

Inbuilt defogger: Our LED-lit mirrors have an inbuilt defogger, which allows a fog-free mirror-viewing experience, even after you take a hot shower! This simple yet significant feature eliminates the need for frequent manual defogging that you'd otherwise do with a wiping cloth.

One-Touch On/Off: Anything that comes with a simple user interface is good, right! Our vanity mirrors offer easy one-touch operation. Use the touch button switch on the mirror, use it to turn off and to change between the three CCTs.

Front/ Backlight: If you are looking forward to adding more beauty to your bathroom, a led backlit bathroom mirror installation makes complete sense. If not, you can go with a front-lit LED mirror. The difference between both is that the former gives light on the front and rear end, while the latter provides light on the front side.

Is a Makeup Mirror with lights worth it?

After having a number of reviews on our LED makeup mirrors, we can assure you that Makeup Mirror with lights is worth it. The ease they provide with the multi-functionality of the mirror and LED lights together cannot be replaced by any other type of mirror.

They are not only used to decorate the bathroom or bedroom, but they are also worth it for illuminating the area with quality lighting.

Why are LED lights best for makeup mirrors?

LED lights are best for makeup mirrors as they emit illumination exactly like natural light. This is one of the key reasons for flawless reflection. LED lights fill all the voids created by traditional lights. The combination of LED lights and mirrors is magical for fashion enthusiasts.

The enhanced visibility, clear and glare-free lights make LED lights the best choice for makeup mirrors.


    Vanity makeup mirrors pack several eye-catching and mood-refreshing features. 

    Here is a comprehensive list of all the features that these mirrors offer: 

    • Energy Conserving Decór Lighting: Talking about energy conservation, know that LED lights convert up to 95% of input energy into bright illumination. They only waste about 5% of input energy in the form of unwanted heat. LED lights are popular among the energy-saving humans of earth. The LED lights present in our vanity mirrors will not consume an enormous amount of energy. Thus, helping to meet your goals judicious energy consumption. 
    • High CRI: Color rendering index or CRI measures the accuracy of colors under an artificial light source (such as an LED light) compared to natural light (Sunlight). The lighted mirrors available at LEDMyplace have a CRI of more than 90. Meaning that they will help render reflections and surrounding objects in true colors. It is safe to say that the colors that you'll see under the light of our vanity mirror will have a 90% resemblance to what you'd see under the sun!

    The color rendering index ranges from 0-100, where 0 means that all colors appear almost the same. On the other hand, CRI-100 implies that the colors appear as accurate as they would under broad-daylight. 


    If you are particular about energy conservation, beware of the Vanity mirrors based on fluorescent technology. Fluorescent-lit mirrors have high CRI, but they are energy-consuming monsters that will end up burning a hole in your pocket. 

    • Long-lasting: Our LED mirrors get industry-standard ratings after going through rigorous tests in pivotal laboratories. The mirrors come with a rating of 5,00,00 operational hours. Upon average use for 11 hours per day, your LED-lit mirror will last over 5.7 years.

    Since there are no moving parts in our LED mirrors, they do not go through unnecessary stress and mechanical tension. Also, there are no components that give out any residue. Thus, the chances of performance depreciation are slim.

    • Various CCTs and CCT remembrance: Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) denotes the color appearance of the white-light put out by an LED light source (in kelvins). Our LED Vanity Mirrors offer three CCTs: warm-white, cool-white, and daylight-white. 

      Now that you've gone through the saga of LED Vanity Mirrors, do you feel excited to have one at your living or workspace? If yes, don't wait anymore, go on, and start shopping. Nevertheless, if you are here to shop Residential LED fixtures or commercial LED lights, feel free to explore our website. 

      Happy shopping!