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Collection: LED Wall Packs

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About LED Wall Packs

Picture this: you went an extra mile, searching the best stucco or something similar for your building exteriors. You spent a lot of dollars to give your residential or commercial building an entrance you always dreamt of. Now when everything’s set, the charm eventually dies out when the day comes to an end giving way to nights- because, you know, lights!

LED Wall Packs by LEDMyPlace are what you need here. These lights are fit for outdoor use and are widely used for wall-grazing effect, which you may want to achieve with either up-lighting or down-lighting, or sometimes, both. Moreover, having them in place ensures there’s no moment of dark and hence a safety-threat to your building is averted. This light certainly helps keep trespassers at bay too.

If you have the operational costs keeping you from using them, you needn’t worry as LED lighting technology is known to cut down on energy consumption by up to 80%. This means you can now flaunt the building exteriors without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

Types Available

While Forward-throw is the most common type of LED wall packs, other most-sold types are Rotatable Wall Packs and wall packs with In-built Photocell Sensors (commonly referred to as dusk-to-dawn sensors - an added money-saving feature!).


LED Flood Lights by LEDMyPlace can also be used for outdoor security purpose.