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GERMI - 38W White UV Disinfection Lamp / Sterilization Lamp / Germicidal Lamp

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GERMI - 38W White UV Disinfection Lamp / Sterilization Lamp / Germicidal Lamp

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38W UV Light Sanitizer Lamp - 360° UV Room Disinfection Devices - UV Light with Remote Control

Germi - The UV based sterilization lamp can serve three functions; sterilization, disinfection, and mite removal in the indoor locations only. The preferred indoor locations where this should be used are bedrooms, washrooms, parlors, and kitchens. 

This 38 watts lamp uses short- wave UV rays (UV-Cs) to do so, which kills many germs. The lamps are controlled by “through the wall” remote, which means that the Lamp can be operated remotely across doors, walls, cabinets, and that too without any angle restrictions.
Always remember to ventilate the room/facility for at least 30 minutes after each UV disinfection cycle.

  • For room/facility with a total area of <107 SQ. FT. The disinfection cycle should be 15 minutes long.
  • For room/facility with a total area of <107-322 SQ. FT. The disinfection cycle should be 30 minutes long.
  • For room/facility with a total area of <322-645 SQ. FT. The disinfection cycle should be 60 minutes long.

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The UV Lamp disinfects your room thoroughly by killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. The Lamp is so efficient and effective that it destroys 99% of the germs in indoor spaces. 




The short-wave UV (UV-C) is powerful enough to kill all the germs such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses.  


General cleaning techniques, such as liquid detergents or chlorine bleach may not reach the corners of your room. However, it is the corners where the majority of germs accumulate. Germi comes with a cylindrical quartz tube, which makes sure that the UV rays spread in all directions (i.e., 360 degrees) and kill the germs. The short wave UV emissions will make sure that every nook and corner of a facility/room is disinfected and sterilized.


The GERMI UV lamp effectively covers an area of 430 SQ FT. The area covered by the Lamp depends on the operation time. For instance, the Lamp will disinfect an area less than 107 SQ FT in 15 minutes, an area between 107-322 SQ FT in 30 minutes. It will disinfect a room between the size of 322-645 SQ FT in 60 minutes. 


The Lamp features an aesthetic design, so it will perfectly accentuate the decor of your room. It has an anti-UV ABS Plastic body. Many metals oxidize when they come in contact with UV rays, which is not the case with this product. It comes with a protective coating that prevents corrosion. Therefore the UV rays will kill the germs without causing any harm to the Lamp.



The Lamp also comes with remote control, which allows you to operate the Lamp from a distance. The Lamp’s ‘through the wall’ remote control, which lets you operate Germi even through walls and obstacles. The remote allows you to set three different time settings according to the area of the room to be disinfected. The 3-time settings are 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. `The remote can communicate with the Lamp up to a distance of 10 ft. This is a Plug-in type UV lamp.




GERMI UV lamp comes with a quartz tube that is added with oxides. The oxides help absorb the Ozone producing wavelengths of the UV rays, thus making this lamp ozone-free.

Disinfection is the process of removing/eliminating germs from the surface of inanimate objects (tables, kitchen counters, etc.) and air temporarily. Sterilization is the process of killing the germs, and their spores from daily use objects like toothbrushes and baby bottles, etc. As spores can produce more bacterias within seconds after disinfection, sterilizing will destroy the spores. Thus, UV disinfection and sterilization minimizes the chances of germ build-up for a longer time.


The air that surrounds you (at home, school, or office, etc.) contains millions of germs. The Lamp will effectively disinfect and sterilize indoor spaces by destroying bacterias, molds, fungi, viruses, and spores. GERMI UV lamp is suitable for use in areas like living rooms, bedrooms, closets, etc. The UV light will also disinfect and sterilize daily use objects like toothbrushes, BPA- free pet bottles, pacifiers, baby bottles, car keys, etc.



This product is NOT TO BE USED as a general Air Purifier Device. Also, It should only be used when people, Kids, animals, or plants are NOT present in the room/facility.



Beam Angle: 360 Degree
Fixture Color: White
MPN (Part No.): UV001
UPC: 631112834339
Warranty: 1 Year
Brand: LEDMyplace
Life Hours: 8000
Voltage: 100-277V
Wattage: 38W

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Questions & Answers

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  • Does it really work?

    Of course! Over the years, many scientific studies have revealed that disinfection and sterilization units featuring UV light and/or Ozone gas are kill the microorganisms present in a defined area. Disinfection and sterilization of home, offices, hospitals, and other spaces helps control and prevent airborne allergies.

  • Is UV technology new?

    No. UV was discovered in the year 1801. Its first significant use was recorded when scientist and physician Neils Ryberg Finsen developed a successful UV treatment against tuberculosis. He also won a Nobel prize in 1904, before his death. Commercial UV lamps are available on the market since the year 1930. Ultraviolet germicidal disinfection (UVGI) is a comprehensive and trusted process for disinfection in hospitals and laboratories since along time now.

  • How does UV light kill germs?

    UV sterilization units use short-wave UV light. (UV-C) When in use, the UV-C kills microorganisms by rupturing and destroying their DNA and RNA (nucleic acids). Devoid of the nucleic acids, the microbes cease to exist, hence, become harmless.

  • How does Ozone gas kill germs?

    Ozone is an unstable gas that has three oxygen atoms (Unlike O2 ). When released in an area, it quickly becomes stable by releasing one oxygen atom. This single atom, known as the free atom or ‘free radicle,’ reacts with any living microbe in the surrounding and kills it. At the end of the disinfection process, the free ozone converts into pure oxygen, and no harmful residues are left behind.

  • What else does the UV Light and Ozone kill?

    When used to sterilize an area, the UV light and Ozone gas will kill all bacterias, viruses, molds, fungi, and insects. However, in the case of long-term exposure, UV light and ozone can also have health implications on humans. The risks with exposure to UV rays include skin cancer, while ozone gas can cause pulmonary complications. Nevertheless, the health risks depend on the time-length of a person’s exposure. Also, different people react to UV and ozone differently.  

  • Is it safe to use?

    Yes. Despite the potential health risk, UV and ozone sterilization units are safe to use with daily-use items such as baby bottles, toothbrushes, pacifiers, cell phones, sunglasses, etc. It is also safe to use them in homes, offices, hospitals, schools, community halls, and other places. The only thing to keep in mind is that one must vacate the area (room, hallway, etc.) before starting the sterilization process. The space will also need ventilation after the procedure.

  • How long does it take to work?

    In general, the process of UV and/or Ozone disinfection takes about 15-20 minutes. Yet, the time may be longer, depending on the area that needs disinfection. Examples of places that will need about 30 minutes of disinfection include but are not limited to bathrooms, hospitals, pathology clinics, and pet areas. Albeit, the machine will auto-shut after the set time, so that there is no wastage of electricity.