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LED Panel Light 2x4 72W 6500K Dimmable

LED Panel Light 2x4 72W 6500K Dimmable

MPN: PN0035
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LED Panel Light 2x4 72W 6500K Dimmable
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2x4 LED Panel Light Dimmable - 8280 Lumens - 72 Watt - 400W Replacement - 6500 Kelvin - 5 Year Warranty

Equally suitable for industrial, commercial and residential premises, a 72W LED panel comes in slim and sleek design; in square size (2x4); in color temperature of 6500K (day white light glow); and with a lumen output of 8280 lumens. This 72W Led Panels light fixture by replacing 400W of any fluorescent tube light will save you 328 watts of energy. An excellent combo of high luminous efficacy, high color rendering ability, and high energy-savings that it is, this break-through combination has been achieved by having SMD LED chips embedded inside it. The panel is well-known for emitting a soft and uniform light and hence highly recommended for existing drop-in ceilings in contemporary offices. It comes as dimmable, giving you an option of additional energy-savings.   

  • Highly Portable: The ultra thin design of the LED panel makes it portable and so can easily be transported from one place to another.
  • Significant Energy-Savings: With 72W of LED Panel lights, you don’t save anything less than 75%, if you are switching from traditional fluorescent tube of 400W to this one.
  • Safe For The Environment:  This product being free from any toxic chemicals such as mercury or lead is completely safe to the environment, thus leaving no scope for any carbon footprint.
  • Color Temperature of 6500K: Know the importance of color temperature in any lighting fixture. A daywhite light glow emitted by LED panel is suitable for creating a good ambiance but more of a productive work environment. 
  •  A High CRI: LED Panel light having a Color Rendering Index of more than 80 is good enough to make objects look close to real and unartificial. 
  • 120 Degree Beam Angle: This beam angle is good for illumination of wide spaces and huge enough areas. The beam spread is uniform throughout the entire area than highlighting any specific area.   
  • Anti-glare light with instant-on capability: Despite the high lumen output and 120-degree beam angle, there is no glare in the light beam. The light also starts up instantly, the moment it is switched on. 
  • 50,000 Hours of Lifespan: With nearly 5-6 years of lifetime, the LED panel comes as a boon when comparing it to any of the traditional lighting fixtures that do not last more than 15,000-20,000 hours at the max. You incur no costs of replacement henceforth and a very low or no maintenance too.  
  • Rebate & Warranty:  A certification from Energy Star lets you have rebate when you get an LED panel light installed. You also don’t need to worry about the risk-free trial of the product since the manufacturer provides you with 5 years of warranty. 

Easy Installation

The LED panel light designed to fit in standard T-Bars and narrow grid drop-in ceilings, its installation comes easy. It can be built-in, mounted, suspended or recessed. If you want it to look like a chandelier, you can go for suspended installation. For details, you must check for manufacturer’s instructions

No Dark Spot

LED panel light having a 120 degree beam angle can be used for iwide area lighting when the light is uniformly spread with no dark spots to be found anywhere.

CRI >80

The LED panel has an 80% color rendering ability to represent the colors of objects and spaces in comparison to an ideal or natural light source. For you to stay informed, a 80 CRI is considered good for any indoor and commercial application.

Wide Beam Angle

The 120 degree beam angle allows for illumination of huge spaces providing for uniform lighting through out any space rather than highlighting a single object. 

Rugged Construction

The aluminum housing for LED panel comes in rugged die-cast design to make it more durable and make it withstand any external tampering, rust or corrosion. 

UV & Mercury Free

The LED panel does not contain any harmful radiation such as ultraviolet rays in its light beam, nor does it have any toxic chemicals such as mercury or lead to cause any human or environmental hazard.

Low Maintenance Cost

With a high heat dissipation ability and very low lumen depreciation until the end of its lifespan, an LED panel light does not require much maintenance and hence the costs are also very low. 


The LED panel light comes with 0-10V Dimmable option and is compatible with most standard dimmers in the market.

Premium LED Chips

We ensure highest quality of our products by having premium LED chips from Epistar. The chip is so embedded inside our LED flush mount lighting fixture in such a way that highest operational efficiency is ensured.


Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
Brightness: 8280 Lumens
Certifications: UL Listed
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 6500K
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): PN0035
Safety Rating: UL Listed
Wattage: 72W
Brand: LEDMyplace
CCT: 6500K
Color Rendering Index(CRI): >82 CRI
Dimmable: Yes
Lumens: 8280 Lumens
Replaces Fluorescent : 180W replacement
Shape: Rectangle
Warranty: 5 years

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