Outdoor Waterproof RGB LED Strip Lights - 12V LED Tape Light - 97 Lumens/ft. with Power Supply and Controller (KIT)

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    Outdoor Waterproof RGB LED Strip Lights - 12V LED Tape Light - 97 Lumens/ft. with Power Supply and Controller (KIT)

    Multi-Color LED Light Strips with Remote Control, SMD 5050, 12V DC, IP65 (Weatherproof)

    The LED strip light available can emit 3 colors RGB - Red, Green, and Blue and comes with a wattage of 57.75 watts. Rated as IP65, this strip light is designed to work at its best in the indoor condition. The product contains 60 LEDs per meter with an input voltage of 12VDC. With 10mm PCB, the product can be installed with a 3M adhesive tape. Applications for this indoor LED strip light are enormous and it can brighten up indoor spaces including cabinets, under-cabinets, windows, etc. With an RGB controller that comes with a wireless touch-color RF remote to control RGB lights, you can choose different color modes, and also adjust brightness levels. It also comes paired with 72W Desktop LED Power Supply, to drive a constant current of 3 amperes.

    Beam Angle


    • Color - RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
    • Length - 5M Roll (16.4ft)
    • LEDs/Meter - 60
    • Voltage Input - 12V
    • Total Wattage - 57.75W
    • IP Rating - IP65
    • Copper Lead Frame & Gold Wires
    • 10 MM PCB
    • 55280 3M Tape on the back


    • Standard 5.5mm DC wire plug: Another inbox integration is a male/female barrel connector to a screw terminal adapter. Best suit for LED strip lights, this adapter converts bare wires to a male/female DC plug. 
    • 5 years of warranty: These lights come with a warranty of 5 years. 
    • High Lumen Output: The 12VDC LED strip light is super energy efficient and bright as well. The total lumen output of these lights is around 97  lumens per foot. 
    • Multi-purpose Lights: Since these light have a high lumen output, they could be used for task lighting, accent or mood lighting in indoor spaces.
    •  50,000 Life hours: LED lights have a humongous life span of 50,000 hours, which roughly translates to 10 years with an average per day usage.  
    • Cut Into Strip: These lights can be divided into individual working lengths of strips. 
    • High Efficiency: LED lights are super energy efficient, hence they save a lot of money in the long run of time. 
    • Ultra-Wide Beam Angle: LED strip lights render light in the beam angle of 120 degrees.
    • Plug & Play: With the use of a power supply driver/adapter in the kit, you can plug this LED strip light directly into the wall to power it up.
    • Flexible: These lights could be cut into working lengths of strips, plus these are plug and play as well! This could not get more flexible. 

    Easy Installation

    This 12VDC LED strip light or tape light comes with an easy to connect 22 AWG wire and Premium 3M Sticky Tape for easy and quick installation. As connecting LED strips is a necessary process in any kind of strip project, both the wire and the 3M tape adhesive tape is quite helpful in establishing a connection and mounting the LED strip light.

    50,000 Life hours

    This LED strip light has a total lifespan of 50,000 hours and so you can have a hassle-free product usage until the end of lifespan as there is no or minimal lumen depreciation.


    Adhesive Backing

    This LED strip light comes with a 3M adhesive backing for easy and non-cumbersome mounting options. The low-profile, flexible LED strips exposes the 3M adhesive through the peel-off back making this product quite useful for peel-and-stick installation.

    Cut Into Strip

    This strip light comes with a cut-line along the strip for easy cutting of the strips. The copper lead frame makes the cut strip addressable so that you can easily connect LED strips from different areas under indoor application. 

    Plug & Play

    Through the use of a power supply driver/adapter, you can plug this LED strip light directly into the wall to power it up.  


    Ultra Wide Beam Angle

    This LED strip light delivers an intense, bright light with an ultra wide beam angle -- 120 degree. Thus, this strip light can be used for casting wide beam over large indoor areas without highlighting any specific object.



    This LED strip light that utilizes 60 LEDs/m is a flexible strip light that can run directly from your outlet and is meant for simple plug and play.


    Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
    Certifications: UL, RoHS Listed
    IP Rating: IP65 Rated
    Length: 16.4 Ft
    MPN (Part No.): ST121
    SKU: WEN-SW-F5050RGB30-WF2-5M-12-KIT
    Warranty: 5 Years
    Operating Temperature: -13 Degree F To +113 Degree F
    Brand: LEDMyplace
    Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.4 x 0.39 In
    LED Type: SMD5050
    Lumens: 1365
    Power Factor: 0.96A/M
    Voltage: 12V DC
    Wattage: 3.5W/ft

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