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T8 4ft LED Tube/Bulb - 22W 3080 Lumens 6500K Clear, Single End Power - Ballast Bypass - 100pcs

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T8 4ft LED Tube/Bulb - 22W 3080 Lumens 6500K Clear, Single End Power - Ballast Bypass - 100pcs

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CCT: 6500K
Size: 100pcs

4ft LED Tube Light Fixture, 22W, 6500K, 4ft LED Ballast Bypass Bulbs, Flicker Free, 4FT LED Bulbs

The 4ft. LED clear tube glass of 22W available in 6500K color temperature and having a CRI of >80  can deliver 3080 lumens. An excellent substitute that a 4ft. LED tube light is, it’s a perfect retrofit for T8, T10 & T12 fluorescent tubes. This 22W can safely and easily replace a fluorescent tube of 80W and bring an energy-savings of 58W. Thus, you can have a lower utility bill to the extent of 58W month after month and year after year. This 22W can work without a ballast, hence the existing ballast must be bypassed and directly wired to the line source for the existing tube fixture to work. These 22W LED tubes are housed in rugged die-cast aluminum for efficient heat dissipation. For the standard ceiling height, these LED tubes having a beam angle of >120 degrees emit enough bright light, have a long lifespan, and have a shatterproof coating unlike the fluorescent tubes that were of inferior light quality, typically low lifespan, and usually with no shatterproof.

Watt Replacement
Beam Angle

Features of T8 4ft LED Tube Light

  • Available Wattage: 22W
  • Color Temperature: 6500K
  • Luminous Efficacy: 130-140 Lm/W
  • Beam Angle: 120 degree
  • Wattage Equivalent: 80W
  • Lifespan - 50,000 hours
  • Ballast Bypass [Works without a ballast]
  • Voltage: 100V - 277V
  • ETL approved
  • 5 years  of Manufacturer's Warranty

Ballast Bypass

This LED tube requires a ballast bypass and they need to be directly wired into the socket for line voltage. 

For the ‘direct wiring’ of this LED tube, you can either remove the ballast or bypass the ballast. And, you must make sure that you remove the shunted sockets, in case you don’t have the non-shunted sockets as the T8 LED tubes can only work with non-shuntd sockets. Also, the wiring of the tube is done on the same end of the tube. This means that these lights have the live and the neutral power supply through one side only. 


Flicker Free

Whether it’s 2ft, 4ft or 8ft LED tube, one of the jaw-dropping features of LED tubes is that they don’t flicker unlike what you would have definitely observed in case of fluorescent tubes. The LED tubes start instantly and once they start, they don’t flicker and produce a humming sound.  

IP22 Rated

The LED tubes that are either clear or frosted have an IP22 rating. This rating signifies that our LED tubes are protected against dust-tight (objects in the dust that are of size more than 1mm) and protected against water-ingress from all directions. For such reasons, LED tubes are safe for use in areas where there is moisture and water.  E.g. Bathrooms, kitchens etc.   

Voltage Input

The LED tubes accept an input voltage of 100V-277V. You can go for a waterproof transformer in case you don’t have this voltage and wish to convert this voltage range to some other.  

Low Maintenance Cost

The LED tubes will require low or no maintenance if you are going for a ballast bypass option of LED tube installation. Though not very frequent, but you may have to replace the ballasts once in the total lifetime of LED tubes, if you are going for ballast compatibility option and hence you will have to bear with slightly higher maintenance costs when choosing the former option.    

>50,000 Life Hours

 The lifespan of LED tubes is no less than 50,000 hours or 5.7 years, if the tubes are operated upon for 24 hours a day. Can last longer, if the tubes are kept ON for only 12 hours a day.  

CRI >80

The CRI being greater than 80 for LED tubes, whatever object comes in the light distribution range appears to be real and natural up to 80% extent on a CRI scale of 1-100 and as it would have appeared in the natural light.

120 Degree Beam Angle

The 120 degree or ultra wide beam angle is made use of when large areas need to be covered. All our LED tubes whether clear or frosted have a 120 degree beam angle. 

Energy Saving

The LED tube Lights can save energy up to 75% in extreme contrast with fluorescent tubes that consume lot of energy to bring you a higher energy bill. We highly recommend going for our LED tubes that are an excellent combo of lumen brightness and energy-savings.

Aluminium Heat Sink

The LED tubes have a big heat sink made of aluminium and that’s a pretty good reason as to why the LED tubes don’t warm up too soon to be in consistent operation. This is in extreme contrast with the fluorescent tubes that warmed up too soon and required cooling down to operate efficiently.   

LED Chip

Embedded inside the LED tube is a high quality standalone chip -- SMD LED -- made from many number of chips to ensure high performance and reliability.  

Tube Installation


Base Type: G13
Brand: LEDMyplace
Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
Dimensions (L x W x H): 47.75 x 1.15 x 1.32
DLC Listed: No
IP Rating: IP22 Rated
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
Lumens: 3080 Lumens
Power Factor: 0.95
SKU: WEN-T8-4FT-22WC6500K
Warranty: 5 Years
Operating Temperature: -68 Degree F To +122 Degree F
Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
Certifications: ETL Listed
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 6500 Kelvin
Dimmable: No
Housing: Aluminum + Plastic
LED Type: 2835
Light Distribution: 130-140 Lm/W
MPN (Part No.): TB022
Replaces: 80 Watt Replacement
Voltage: 100-277 Volt
Wattage: 22 Watt

Product Review

Questions & Answers

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  • Do these come with the hardware to install

    Nothing is needed for the installation except to remvoe your balalst and use non-shunted tombstones which we sell here ;

  • T8 4 ft. 22W 6500K If two hundred forty volt input-one leg to hot-- one leg to neutral as shown in the wiring diagram received with each tube? Is that correct?

    Yes, the power end shall connect with one leg to hot and one leg to neutral.

  • Are they dimmable?

    Unfortunately, none of our tubes are dimmable.

  • Is this comparable or is, full spectrum light? Like the sun light , makes you happy, more productive in the work place, plants like it?

    Sunlight is 5000k. 6500K is crystal white. That saidm 5000k and 6500k are both nice for working light

  • What voltage range please?

    anything between 100-277v

  • I'm intrested in purchasing (2)-100 packs of the T8 22w 6500k 3000 lumen bulb fixtures. I noticed in the description, that they're single ended power supply. Do the fixtures come with shunted tombstones? Also, I'm an electrical contractor, and plan to keep the shop supplied with these in-stock. Please explain special pricing. AARON HURET COMMUNITY ELECTRIC

    these will need Non - Shunted tombstones that we sell seperately , however these dont come with it .