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Christmas Lights- LED Your Place This Christmas!

led christmas lights
led christmas lights
led christmas lights
led christmas lights

Christmas Lights For Sale

Christmas is around the corner, and like every year, lights might be confusing you now. 

You have a pretty big shopping list for this Christmas as well, but what lights would you use to light this Christmas?

We are damn sure that you are not planning on bringing out the old incandescent lights out of your attic or basement. IF you are, then you need to rethink your choices for Christmas lighting. If you have been using these lights invariably and frequently every year, the chances are that they would stop working this year. 

Why LEDs?

You can replace these lights right away with LED Christmas lights

LED lights, like all other lighting needs, make the best Christmas lights, because of many reasons. 

  • Efficiency-

A 25-watt incandescent bulb can easily be replaced by 1or 2 watt LED bulb easily. Economically this efficiency implies that energy cost will go down by at least 50% or even more. This implies the energy savings will offset the total investment on installation in a couple of months.  

  • Durability- 

LED lights are solid-state devices, which like many other self-sustained units, will not break off when dropped. The LED chips are encased in an epoxy resin, which enhances its reflectivity while also makes it less breakable as compared to incandescent and the fluorescent lights. Further, LEDs are enclosed in sturdy plastic boxes, which help them tolerate shocks, vibrations, and extreme temperatures far easily than old lighting technologies. 

For overall durability, the point goes to LED lights. 

  • Weather Resistance- 

This point is just an extension of its durability. Whether it is snow, heat, or rain, LEDs can tolerate any of the extremities. So whether it is winter, rain, or summer, LED lights will outlast any other competitor in such conditions. Since winter is at its peak around Christmas, temperatures will be more significant than other days of winter. LEDs can tolerate these drops like a boss. 

  • Safety & environment- 

Wasted energy in any light circuitry is released in the form of heat. The more the heat generated, the higher the chances of it catching fire become.

 In incandescent lights, 70% -90% of the total electrical energy is wasted in the form of heat, while in the case of LEDs, it is only 5%. 

The lower the heat generated, the lower are the chances of it posing any danger!

Another point to consider is their eco-friendliness. LEDs do not contain any toxic material like the incandescent lights. So, when you go out to dispose of these lights, it will not pose a threat. Many American bodies concerned about the environment have expressed their worries about the disposal of LEDs.

Visual Marvels 

LED bulbs are marvelous to look at when lit. They render far more vivid colors than traditional incandescent bulbs. Their output and color distribution makes them a better choice compared to the incandescent bulbs. 

 These lights offer better color science, hence automatically are a better choice for decorating. 

In the past few years, incandescent light bulbs sale has gone down many times. 

Types Of Christmas Lights Available

Here are some great choices for LED Christmas lights- 

For Christmas trees

Everybody loves Christmas trees. Some buy naturally cut trees, and some buy pre-lit trees. 

When you buy an unlit tree, you have the independence to decorate it as per your will. There is a bit of hassle and a little confusion while decorating it, but if you are creative, it is worth it. 

The pre-lit trees come in various shapes, designs, and sizes. Their size starts from 2 inches and goes all the way up to 18 inches. These trees will fit at any place you would want to decorate. 

Artificial or pre-lit Christmas lights, will not shed needles or leaves, and there is no chance of allergy. These lights are, therefore, safe for humans and pets alike. 

For Decorating the house

LED Christmas lights offer an abundance of decorative options like snowflake lights, which are a great option to render a snowfall like ambiance. 

Fairy Lights- Another great and flexible option to light the Christmas is fairy lights. Fairy lights are ultrathin in size and ultra-flexible in the usage spectrum.  

Fairy lights could be molded in any shape of your want, and they are available in a wide range of colors, as well. 

LED projector Lights-

 For indoor and outdoor decorative walls, LED projector lights can be a boon. These lights project the Christmas themed patterns on walls, inside or the outside. 

Having such Christmas themed option is cool for anyone at Christmas.

For Ceilings-

To decorate ceilings, one can consider sphere balls, Christmas ornaments, and chandeliers as well. 

Icicle Lights-

Why worry about grid power when you can use battery-operated lights? If planning to light portions devoid of power sockets, consider using icicle lights, which run on 3AA batteries. At LEDMyPlace, there are other battery operated lights as well.  

There are a lot of Christmas lights sales every year, but none of them is as good as the one happening at LEDMyPlace. LEDMyPlace is one of the best places. 

We are offering up to 60% discounts on all the Christmas lighting options available. 

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