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LED Work Lights - Construction Lights - Hanging Work Lights

The portable LED Work Lights are one of the most efficient lights that come in handy in extreme conditions. The hanging work lights are used in construction sites, campings, tunnels, etcetera. Their mobile feature makes them easy to handle. The high CTT value of these work lights with cage helps enhance visibility in a dark atmosphere. Furthermore, the light comes with exclusive features like plug & play, linkable, IP-65 rating, and several other features that make them worth considering.

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    LED Work Lights with Cage: Powerful Illumination for Your Workspace

    Illuminate your workspace with our high-quality LED work lights with Cage. Designed for professional use, these lights provide powerful and reliable illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and safety on the job. With a 5ft cord and a US plug, they offer convenient plug-and-play functionality, allowing you to set up your lighting quickly and easily. Their linkable feature enables you to connect up to five lights together, providing comprehensive coverage for your workspace. Choose between 100W or 150W options to suit your specific lighting requirements. With a beam angle of 360°, these work lights deliver uniform and efficient lighting, eliminating dark spots and shadows. Whether you're working in construction sites, renovation projects, or other job sites, our LED work lights with cage are the perfect lighting solution for you.

    LED String Work Lights With Cage: Versatile Lighting for Construction Sites

    Our LED string work lights with cage are designed to meet the unique lighting needs of construction sites. With a 50ft length and five lights per bunch, these string lights provide extensive coverage and flexibility. The linkable feature allows you to connect multiple strings together, creating a customized lighting setup that suits your specific requirements. These lights are available in 65W with a color temperature of 5000K, ensuring bright and clear illumination. Built to withstand demanding conditions, they are IP65-rated, making them resistant to dust and water ingress. Whether you're working in construction, renovation, mine caves, or any other challenging environment, our LED string work lights with cage offer reliable and efficient lighting solutions.

    LED Temporary Work Lights with Cage: Portable and Reliable Lighting

    When temporary lighting is needed for construction projects or other temporary setups, our LED temporary work lights with cage are the ideal choice. These lights are designed to be portable, allowing you to easily move and adjust the lighting as required. With their sturdy cage design, they offer excellent protection for the light source, ensuring durability and longevity. Whether you're setting up temporary workstations, lighting up temporary structures, or providing lighting during renovations, our LED temporary work lights with cage deliver convenience and reliability.

    Construction Lights: Enhance Safety and Efficiency

    In the construction industry, having proper lighting is crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of work. Our construction lights are specifically designed to meet the demanding requirements of construction sites. With their robust construction and high-performance LEDs, these lights provide bright and uniform illumination, reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing productivity. Whether you're working on building structures, performing repairs, or conducting inspections, our construction lights deliver the lighting solution you need for a successful project.

    Portable Hanging Work Construction Light: Versatility and Convenience

    For construction projects that require flexible lighting options, our portable hanging work construction lights are the perfect choice. Designed with a convenient hanging feature, these lights can be easily suspended from hooks, beams, or other overhead structures. This allows you to position the light source exactly where it's needed, providing targeted illumination for specific work areas. With their lightweight and portable design, our hanging work construction lights offer versatility and convenience, making them a valuable asset on any construction site.

    Commercial Lighting: Illuminate Your Business Space

    In addition to construction sites, our LED work lights with cage also serve as excellent commercial lighting solutions. Whether you need to illuminate retail spaces, warehouses, or any other business environment, our commercial lighting products deliver exceptional performance. With their high-quality LEDs, these lights provide bright and efficient illumination, enhancing visibility and creating a welcoming atmosphere. Trust LEDMyplace for top-quality lighting products that deliver exceptional performance and reliability in your commercial space.


    Q: Where are LED work lights commonly used?
    A: LED work lights are commonly used in a wide range of applications, including construction sites, automotive repair shops, workshops, garages, warehouses, camping trips, and emergency situations. They are versatile lighting solutions that provide portable and reliable illumination for tasks that require enhanced visibility.

    Q: Can LED work lights be used in outdoor settings?
    A: Yes, LED work lights are suitable for use in outdoor settings. They are designed to be rugged and durable, often featuring weather-resistant or waterproof constructions. LED work lights are commonly used for outdoor construction projects, camping, outdoor events, and other activities that require portable lighting in challenging weather conditions.

    Q: Can LED work lights be used for emergency lighting?
    A: Yes, LED work lights can be used for emergency lighting purposes. Their portability, high brightness, and energy efficiency make them suitable for emergency situations, power outages, or when additional lighting is needed during rescue operations or disaster scenarios. 

    Q: What LED light is best for working? 
    A: For working, the best LED light is:
    • Brightness: 8,000 to 20,000 lumens for a Construction site, Renovation, Mine Cave or Outdoor Working Light, etc.
    • Color Temperature: 4000 to 6500 Kelvin (Daylight or Cool White range).
    • CRI (Color Rendering Index): 90+ for accurate color rendering.
    • Glare-free and flicker-free: To reduce eye strain. 

    Q: Can you replace halogen work light bulbs with LED?
    A: Yes, you can replace halogen work light bulbs with LED bulbs, provided you choose the correct base type and ensure the LED bulb is compatible with your fixture's voltage and wattage. LED replacements offer longer lifespan, better energy efficiency, and cooler operation. Always check manufacturer guidelines when making the switch.  

    Q: Is 20000 lumens brighter than 10000 lumens?
    A: Yes, 20,000 lumens is brighter than 10,000 lumens.  

    Q: What are work lights called?
    A: Work lights are often called "task lights" or "job site lights. 

    Q: What size work light do I need? 
    A: The size and brightness of the work light you need depends on your specific task and the area you're working in.

    For example:

    1. Detailed Work: If you're doing intricate tasks like soldering or assembling small components, you might need a focused and bright light, such as a 1,000-lumen task light positioned close to the work area.

    2. General Workshop Area: For general illumination in a garage or workshop, a larger light with a spread of 2,000 to 4,000 lumens might be suitable to cover the entire space adequately.

    3. Outdoor Construction: If you're working on an outdoor construction site, you might require several high-output work lights, each rated at 10,000 lumens or more, to illuminate a broad area.