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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Chandelier Lighting Fixtures

Chandeliers Lighting is used to decorate the bedroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway, farmhouse, reception, lobby, etcetera. These island lights help highlight the decor. Furthermore, the chandelier lighting is dimmable, suitable for damp locations, have changeable CTT, and has some other exquisite features. Find an affordable collection of chandelier lighting that will make your indoors look adorable.

34 products

34 products

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About Chandelier Lighting Fixtures

Have you ever been mesmerized by the charm of a glimmering chandelier? Do you not think that even upside-down moments can be beautiful when an aesthetically pleasing chandelier hangs down the ceiling? If you are with us on this thought, please continue exploring our collection of Modern chandeliers. However, if you need some insights before diving-in, you've reached the right place. Go through what follows, and it will be a lot easier for you to decide upon an enthralling chandelier for a variety of indoor spaces.

What is a Chandelier?

By definition, a chandelier is a large frame with many branches, hangs from the ceiling, and comes with decorative glass pieces. Modern chandeliers, however, deviate from the original definition, as they feature less complicated designs and may not provide 'many' branches. Therefore, in all their essence, modern chandeliers are lighting fixtures that elevate an indoor space's grandeur without being over-the-top or out-of-place!

Choosing the right Chandelier

One thing that seems right to you may not hold the same importance for others. Therefore, when thinking about buying a chandelier, you must prioritize the unique idea of aesthetics. After all, the chandelier lighting fixture is going to represent you! Below is a list of various styles of chandeliers available at your disposal:

Modern and Mid-Century Chandeliers: If you are fond of chandeliers that offer minimalistic designs and clean silhouettes, modern and mid-century style chandeliers are the way to go! You can find these ceiling fixtures in different shapes, ranging from rectangular to globe and cluster forms. 

Rustic Chandeliers: Rustic designs imbibe a raw aesthetic to simple indoor spaces. These chandeliers feature materials that help bring outdoor beauty into indoor scenes. Rustic Chandeliers feature bold designs and tiered silhouettes. If the sight of wrought iron, bronze-coated surfaces, and Edison-style bulbs caresses your senses, you are into rustic chandeliers!

Farmhouse-Style Chandeliers: For those who find solace in nostalgia, a farmhouse-style chandelier is a home decór essential. These chandeliers highlight clear or seedy glass lampshades and aged wood, metal accents that imbibe a happy-go-lucky vibe to the indoor spaces!

Our collection features a selection of ceiling chandeliers for dining rooms, Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Kitchens, Entryways, Foyers, and Bathroom. You will find designs suitable for low and high ceilings. 

Choosing Modern and beautiful chandeliers for home decór doesn't stop at deciding the style. You'll have to invest some time into figuring out the lighting function of the chandelier. In general, a chandelier can serve three lighting functions:

  • Upward Lighting: This type of chandelier will throw light towards the ceiling, allowing you to enjoy a reflected ambiance.
  • Downward Lighting: This type of chandelier will throw light in the downward direction, making them ideal for rooms with a high ceiling. 
  • Ambient Lighting: Unlike downward designs, most chandeliers do not provide general lighting. Therefore, if you are yearning for a movie-like ambient lighting experience, ambient chandeliers are the right choice to make!

Furthermore, you will also have to pay heed to the finish offered by various ceiling chandelier lighting fixtures. Brass, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, brushed gold, chrome, and classic matt are the most popular styles among homeowners, hoteliers, guest house owners, and facility managers worldwide. 

What's the correct chandelier size?

Deciding upon a style or finish depends on the room's interior design in consideration, so does the size of a chandelier. Depending on the installation (living room, reception area, kitchen, etc.), the chandelier's size will differ. Nevertheless, you can get a rough idea from the following:

  • The chandelier should be about 10-12 inches narrower than your dining table.
  • It should be at least 4 feet away from the walls of the room into consideration.
  • For determining the adequate width, add the room's length and width and convert the total into inches. (For example, a living room that's 22-feet x 28-feet would require a design that's around 50-inches wide)
  • If the installation location has a ceiling higher than 8 feet, allow 2-3 inches in chandelier height for every foot of ceiling height. (For example, a 10-foot ceiling would require a 37-inch high design.)

Finally, when thinking about the installation, remember the one rule- keep the chandelier as centered as possible! A chandelier fixture's position affects the overall aesthetics, lighting, and symmetry of an indoor space. Therefore, if the chandeliers that catch your eyes seem too big for the room in consideration, you may as well look for pendant lights. The pendant lighting fixtures are 'distant cousins' of chandeliers that go well with small rooms and indoor areas that need modest decór lights.  


Q: What rooms are chandeliers suitable for?
A: Chandeliers are versatile and can be used in various rooms, including dining rooms, living rooms, entryways, bedrooms, and even large bathrooms. They are most commonly found in areas where a touch of sophistication and grandeur is desired. 

Q: What are the different styles of chandelier lighting fixtures available?
A: Chandelier styles can range from traditional and classic designs to modern, contemporary, and even rustic or industrial styles. Some popular types include crystal chandeliers, candle-style chandeliers, drum chandeliers, and pendant chandeliers, among others. 

Q: How are chandeliers powered and controlled?
A: Chandeliers are powered through electrical wiring connected to the ceiling, just like other light fixtures. They are controlled using a wall switch or a dimmer switch, depending on the model and desired ambiance. 

Q: Are chandeliers easy to install, or do I need professional help?
A: The complexity of installation can vary depending on the chandelier's size, weight, and design. While some smaller chandeliers may be easy to install for those with basic electrical knowledge, larger or more intricate chandeliers may require professional assistance to ensure safety and proper installation.

Q: Can I adjust the height of a chandelier to fit my room?
A: In many cases, the height of a chandelier can be adjusted during installation by adjusting the length of the chain or rod. However, this depends on the chandelier's design and the availability of adjustable components. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions for guidance on adjusting the height of your specific chandelier model.