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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: LED Strips Light (KIT)

14 products

14 products

About LED Strips Light (KIT)


LED Strips Light Kit is a collection of Strip lights, a DC Controller, a Remote, Power Supply, and a male-female connector. This kit has been prepared to combine all the accessories required to install an LED strip light.

This kit is designed to create comfort for the users and reduce the efforts to find the appropriate accessories for all the strip lights. This kit is the All-In-one for the users of LED Strips Light.

Have you ever faced a problem in understanding all the strip lights available in the market with various color shades, controllers, or drivers? If yes, then this entire kit is the solution.

To know more, let’s binge into every component of this Kit and be a smart home decorator.


This kit is designed based on various characteristics of Strip Lights. So, we can consider Strip Lights to be the royal of all. So let’s understand all the combinations of accessories available inside the Kit.

  1. According to the Colors of the LED Strips Light

LED Strips Light is available in multiple colors and so Kits are prepared according to that. There are RGB (Red, Green and blue), RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, and white), and Single colors (Red, Pink, Green, Blue, 3000k, 4000k, 6500k). These are the available colors of the strip light inside the kit. Every kit has different colored strips of light, and you can choose any one of them.

Now, according to the color of the strip’s light, you can get the different connectors. Single color strips will require 2-pin connectors, RGB will require 4-pin connectors, and RGBW will require 5-pin connectors.

The strip lights with color temperatures 3000k, 4000k, and 6500k come with a dimmer if needed.

So all the kits are prepared according to these requirements.

  1. According to the Wattages of LED Strips Light

LED Strips Light inside these kits is available in multiple wattages. You can choose these kits according to your power consumption. The Strips Light with higher wattage may provide higher lumens.

Now according to the wattage of the LED Strips Light, we provide the appropriate driver in the kit. We have 35 watts, 60 watts, 80 watts, 120 watts, 150 watts, 300 watts, and 320 watts drivers.

How do we provide different drivers in the kit?

Drivers are provided after adding the wattage of the strip with 20% extra wattage of the same strip light; the total we get should be the wattage of the driver.

For Example:

The wattage of the LED Strip is 120 W

Now add 20% extra that is 120 + 20% = 150 W

So the driver required for 120 W of LED strips Light will be 150 W or above.

  1. According to the Ratings of LED Strips Light

LED Strips Light is available in three ratings that are IP20, IP65, and IP68. LED Strips Light with IP20 is only suitable for indoor spaces, whereas IP65 and IP68 are suitable for outdoor spaces. IP65 is splash-proof, and IP68 is water-proof.

So you can choose the kits according to the applications. 

  1. According to the Voltages of the LED Strips Light

LED Strip lights in these kits are available with only two voltages are 12 volts and 24 volts. You can choose the Kit according to the volt you require.

Color Temperature of the LED Strips Light

Color temperature defines the range of the colors that the LED Strips Light illuminates. These kits are prepared with strip lights having 3000k, 4000k, and 6500k. Let’s understand this more.

  •     LED Strips Light with 3000K emits Warm White Light.
  •     LED Strips Light with 4000k emits Natural White Light.
  •     LED Strips Light with 6500k emits Cool White Light.

The Pleasure of Colors in LED Strips Lights

LED Strips Light is all about the colors. Multiple colors are the main attraction of the LED Strip Lights. LED Strip lights can transform a sleek area into a beautiful one. The colors available in the strip's light make it very attractive, and the color temperature provides a spectrum of millions of colors.

Lights are indeed the source of positive energy, so light up your house, kitchen, and bedroom and spread the positivity all around.

Fixing LED Strips Lights, if not working!

LED Strips Lights have a longer life span, and it's rare if LED Strip lights stop working. But if that happened someday, you may get confused about the cause or the fixing process.

So let us help you know how to fix the LED Strips Lights if they stop working.

LED Strips Lights can stop working due to three reasons:

  • First, Power Issues

Confirm that the voltage of your power supply and the voltage of your LED strip lights are compatible. The 12V LED Strips will work with a 12V power supply only, and the same goes for a 24V LED Strips Light.

  •  Second, Damaged Strips of Light, controller, or Connector

Check all the accessories you will get in this kit with the LED Strips Light (KIT) on the same circuit. Make sure all your connectors and wires are not worn out. If you see any loosening, try tightening screws on DC adapters, and re-insert the LED strips into solderless connectors, which can cause common contact failure points.

  •  Third, Manufacturing errors or damage during shipping

If your entire LED strip lights are working except for a section of the strip’s light, you might have an open circuit in one of the areas. This could happen due to manufacturing errors or some damages that may have occurred during shipping.

In that case, if you know how to solder, you can try to reheat the solder joints for each of the LEDs and components along that dead section. And if you cannot do that, the best option is to ask your supplier for a replacement.

And for such situations, we give 5 years warranty on the LED Strips Lights that ensure easy replacement of the damaged light.

These could be some easy steps to fix the LED strip lights if they stop working.

Installing LED Strips Lights with all accessories

  1. Clean The Surface

It is recommended that LED strip lights work effectively on a clean surface. This step is significant to keep the light fixed on the surface. Avoid rough or uneven areas that may not support LED Strip Lights.

  1. Stretched Out the light and Stuck it to the Surface

The LED strip lights come trolled on a coil, and these lightings come with adhesive tape. Simply unroll the length of the lighting, remove the adhesive tape, and stick to the desired surface. Press on each part of the strip so it is firmly attached to the surface and has no air bubbles.

  1. Connect the light with all the accessories and turn on the light

Once you have stuck the light to the surface, attach it with the controller, connector, and power adapter, then plug it into the main electrical outlet.

Now, use the remote control to change the color of the LED strip lights.

If you want to connect one or more LED strip lights, do it with the help of the connectors, but do cut the Strips from the mentioned area only. Cutting it in the non-mentioned area will damage the light.

Why should you buy this KIT?

This KIT will make your work more comfortable, and you will not have to buy the accessories of the LED Strips Light separately. This KIT gives you all the combinations according to your needs. All you have to do is visit our website and buy this fantastic LED Strips Light (KIT).