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Collection: LED Panels

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About LED Panels

You certainly want to have bright office interiors -- interiors that infuse employees with a dose of energy every day they come in. The right kind of lighting is vital to office interiors to have a welcoming yet energizing feel. LED Panel Lights by LEDMyPlace are a replacement to traditional fluorescent tubes that are known to consume a lot of energy. LED panel lights not just consume less energy but sure help increase the attention span of your employees too.

The linear panels are slim & sleek and are designed in a way that they emit an even glow throughout the space.

These surface-mount light fixtures drop-in easily into the existing suspended grid-style ceilings and hence are popular not just in commercial offices but also in hospitals, offices, meeting rooms, and supermarkets too. 

These days, many people are also using LED panel lights for their residential lighting needs.

Types Available

Depending on the grid-ceiling system at the area of installation, you may either choose a 2X2 square-shaped panel fixture or a 2X4 rectangular-shaped LED panel fixture.

They are generally dimmable, which means you get the control over light brightness in your hands.

Accessories Required

LED Panel Surface Mount Kits for both 2X2 size and 2X4 size for easy panel light installation are available at affordable prices at LEDMyPlace.