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Collection: 2x4 LED Panel Light Fixture - Dimmable

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Collection: 2x4 LED Panel Light Fixture - Dimmable

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About 2x4 LED Panel Light Fixture - Dimmable

Illuminate your offices indoor areas by the energy-efficient 2x4 LED flat panel lights. These slim and sleek designed Panel lights can be easily installed and emits flickr-free white lights for a better working ambiance

In your commercial space, lighting is one of the key aspects to retain clients or employees. Poor lighting reflects upon your business practices and casts a bad light on your choices. Therefore it is important for you to choose the right kind of panel lights for the prosperity of your business. 

2X4 LED ceiling panel lights present the right solution for your lighting needs. Be it your office or any other place, these panel lights will give you quality lighting no matter what. Highly energy-efficient and long-lasting, these panel lights are suitable for a wide variety of locations. 

These LED panel lights 2X4 are also dimmable which comes in handy when the lighting needs to be adjusted. 

The 2X4 panel lights come in two different wattage options which are

  1. 50-watt: This panel light replaces traditional panel light of 165-watts.
  2. 70-watt: This panel light is a suitable replacement for 180-watt traditional panel light.
     These 2x4 led flat panel lights are available in three different color temperatures. These are: 
    • 4000K
    • 5000K
    • 6500K

    2X4 panel light comes in two lumen options of 6500 and 7000 lumens. 

    Advantages of LED panel lights

    Surface mount led flat panel offers a lot of advantages over conventional fluorescent panels. Some of these advantages are discussed below. 

  1. Energy-efficiency: LED Panel lights are highly energy-efficient because LEDs convert almost 95% of the electricity consumed into light and only 5% of it is wasted as heat. 

  2. This in turn also proves to be beneficial for the environment because less electricity gets demanded from the grid this reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. 

    • Long-lasting: 2x4 drop ceiling led light fixtures are long-lasting as they are tested to continuously perform for more than 50,000 hours. This means once you install these lights you will not have to think about a replacement for at least 5.7 years.
    • High CRIColor rendering index is the measure of a light’s ability to render colors as they are truly supposed to be. LED panel lights have a CRI of more than 80 which means that these lights render colors of any object with a 20% margin or error as compared to daylight.