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Backyard Lighting

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    Lighting is one of the most important components of any commercial and residential settlements. One of the dumbest things people do is not take outdoor lighting very seriously as indoor lighting.

    Many people have got big backyards that are worth showing off but do not know how to illuminate them best. LED lights can illuminate and decorate your outdoors good enough to make your neighbors jealous. You can either retrofit the old fixtures you have with the available LED retrofit options, or completely revamp your outdoor lighting with LED outdoor lighting fixtures.

    There is a range of LED outdoor lighting options available, with a lot of features that you will not find with any other lighting technology. From solar sensors to motion sensors, LED backyard lighting come with many options 

    Benefits of LED Backyard Lights

    Your own impediment to crime: 

    The backyard is the easiest sport for intruders like thieves, and thanks to the high brightness levels of LED lights, they will not even think to sneak into your place, and if they do, they can’t hide in any dark spots because LED lights do not create any.

    A Solid Sense of Security-

    Why fear to roam in the backyard in the late-night hours? If it’s your backyard, you should be able to roam in your backyard without any fear and full confidence. This is exactly what LED lights can help you achieve- confidence and fearlessness. LED lights are best in class lights, for this reason alone.

    Are eco-friendly: 

    If your lighting is good for your backyard, it should also be good for the environment also. LED lights draw at least 40% lesser electricity than any other lighting you can think of as of now. LEDs do not have harmful radiations or do not contain any harmful chemicals like mercury, as they do not require any fuel to ignite.

    Solar-powered Lights Available: 

    Why not save more electricity when the sun is shining? There are solar-powered lights available like solar LED floodlights, LED solar street lights to take a lot of loads off from power grid consumption. With solar panels and battery backup available, these lights can set you off-grid as well.

    Power Savings- 

    This is the USP of LED lights. Energy efficiency also brings down utility bills. With LED lights, you can save up to 70% on your electricity bills. As if that was not convincing enough, solar power option LED solar flood lights make these lights an irresistible deal. Solar-powered lights can literally set you off-grid

    Types Of LED Backyard Lights  

    LED Corn Bulbs- The name of these lights somehow pertains to its shape. Available in 5700k color temperature option, this light can project in 360-degree options. Available in the wattage range of 20 watt-125 watts, these lights can replace up to 450 watts of conventional lighting.

    Outdoor LED Flood Light Fixtures- These specially designed to light up large areas, LED floodlights are the perfect solutions to light up stadiums, billboards, sports arenas, etc. The available wattage range is 30 watts-600 watts, and replace the metal halides of up to 1000 watts. They are also available in the color temperature options of 5000 kelvins and 5700 kelvins. 

    LED parking Pole Lights- We know roads and streets are far more dangerous at night than they are in the daytime. LED pole lights can render a lumen output of up to 42000 lumens, and is available in wattage as high as 1000 watts. The available color temperature range is 3000 kelvins-5000 kelvins. 

    These are perfect for parking lots adjacent to backyards.

    LED Wall Packs- LED Wall-packs is one of the most versatile and multifunctional; these wall packs can be used in lots of outdoor places. These lights are perfect for building exterior walls, parking lots, and walkways as well. 

    LED Solar Flood Lights- Available in the color temperature of 6000 kelvins, these lights are available in three wattages; 15 watts, 30 watts, and 60 watts. They are available in yoke mounting. They are just floodlights with solar panels.

    These lights are perfect for sports arenas and other large area applications.

    Solar Battern Lights- Rated as IP65, this product is suitable for all weather conditions. Further, it is built to last for 50,000 hours or more. Available in 12 watts, these lights are available in 6000 kelvins and render a lumen output of around 4200 kelvins.

    LED Solar Street Lights- Perfect for backyard walkways, these come with 15 Watt, 30 Watt, and 60 Watt options. These solar panels come with solar panels and a battery to power up the lights. Available color temperature is 6000 kelvins, and it supports yoke mount.

    These lights are perfect for backyard pathways.

    Some additional advantages to these lights

    Energy-efficiency: LED lights are super energy efficient, which means that these lights consume 5% of total energy to heat and the rest of the energy to heat and the rest of the energy to heat.

    Eco-friendly: LED lights are eco-friendly in every way possible. Right from consuming minimal energy with grid power, many of these lights consume solar power to offset the need for grid power.

    Long-lasting: LED lights, in general, have a long life of 50,000 hours, which means that once you install these lights in your backyard, you will not need to change the lights for five years.

    High CRI: These lights have a CRI of more than 80, which means that they render great colors compared to how the colors are rendered are in broad daylight.

    IP65 rated: Most of these lights are IP65 rated, which makes them a perfect choice for outdoor applications. IP65 rated lights are dust and water-resistant, and also means that these lights can easily tolerate and withstand most of the