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About LED Flood Lights

Over the years, the popularity of LED lights has grown. LED flood lights are the first line of defense against possible trespassing in any residential or commercial property. LED flood light installation offers sufficient lighting, and so it gets risky for intruders to enter a restricted area or private property. Although these lights don't throw stones at a trespasser, they ensure an alert outdoor environment. Thus, when thinking about security light installation, LED lights should be your first choice!

Apart from residential spaces, one can also install outdoor flood light fixtures in large areas, such as stadiums, billboards, sports arenas, etc. Since outdoor spaces like a stadium will need bright light flushes for long hours, LED lights are a suitable choice. The installation of floodlights allows excellent lighting while keeping a check on public and private properties' energy consumption, alike! 

As you decide on a particular lighting fixture styles for an upcoming outdoor lighting project, we want to help you choose better. Go through the answers to some most common questions asked by LED light installers, and you'll know what to pick!

What are LED Flood lights?

LED Flood light fixtures may be placed on a pole, the tops of houses, walls, or the ground to provide general area illumination. They can be used on the outside of buildings, huge ones that need a lot of light and a lot of it.

Since they have built-in LED arrays or motion sensors, these fixtures can be used in parking lots, garages, and stadiums, among other places. They are suitable for security and landscape lighting because, unlike other lighting fixtures, they provide high-intensity light that can cover a wide area.

Floodlights, on the other hand, may use LEDs, metal halide, or halogen.

Why are LED Flood lights a popular choice?

  • Create a feeling of safety and protection. A well-lit security flood light will benefit both employees and consumers because they will be able to see where they are going without being distracted by dark areas.
  • Assist in the reduction of crime. There's no doubt that having a well-lit parking lot will help deter crime because most crimes occur while offenders have protection from the sun.
  • Traditional halogen or metal halide fixtures of the same type are less effective than Outdoor LED flood lights. It has a higher lumen output while consuming less power. As a result, the company would benefit from powerful results as well as lower utility costs.
  • LED bulbs can last up to three times as long as inefficient bulbs. This will save you money on lamp replacements and repair costs in the long run.

LED Flood lights are high-quality lamps!

We have one of the most extensive sets of LED flood lights, and each one has a different lumen count, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Our lamps provide the perfect level of illumination, ranging from 900 to 5000K Lumens, ensuring that your outdoor space is always functional. Lamps with higher lumen counts will cut through inclement weather, such as fog, heavy rain, or even snow, to provide unmatched performance regardless of the conditions. This makes them suitable for use in businesses or other structures in areas where extreme and regular storms are normal or where outdoor work is required regardless of the weather.

For ensuring quality, most lamps come with a warranty. Choose from 120-277 volt choices to find the best one for your needs. Most of these LED floodlights have a lifetime of at least 50,000 hours, so you can mount them and forget about them, saving time on repairs and ensuring that you're never left in the dark when you need it most.

If you're looking for high-quality, high-performance, and high-value outdoor lighting, look no further than our LED flood lights. We have some of the most efficient outdoor lighting solutions on the market, and we'd be happy to assist you in finding just what you're looking for. We have the answer for you, whether you just need to light up the area in front of your garage or you want to light up an entire warehouse.

How bright is a 100-watt LED flood light?

In simple terms, a 100-watt LED floodlight is sufficient to replace the typical 300-watt metal halide fixture. Thus, it is safe to say that LED lights outperform traditional lamps, and they are ready to take over the lighting game. Apart from the 100-watt fixture, below is a list of LED light replacements for non-LEd lights in several wattages:

LED Light Wattage

Metal Halide equivalent 



















What's the difference between an LED Spotlight and a floodlight?

The main point of difference between an LED Spotlight and a floodlight fixture is the beam angles they offer. In general, a spotlight fixture provides a narrow beam angle of up to 45 degrees. On the other hand, floodlight fixtures have a wider beam angle spanning up to 120 degrees. 

The other differences between the two outdoor lighting fixtures are their size, appearance, and usability. Spotlights are smaller in comparison with floodlights, and the looks are not the same as a floodlight. Moreover, you'll not use spotlighting fixtures as a substitute for the security lights.

Three uses of LED spotlights are:

  • Wall washing: In this type of lighting, the spotlight lights up an entire wall with a soft glow.
  • Wall grazing: This purpose of wall grazing is to pattern or highlight the details in design on a wall, a tree, etc. 
  • Shadowing: As the name suggests, in this kind of lighting, a spotlight fixture allows creating a shadow of an object. 

Do Floodlights consume a lot of electricity?

Contrary to popular belief, LED lights consume much less energy than metal halide bulbs (or other non-LED lights). Traditional lighting fixtures such as the High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps waste enormous amounts of input energy as heat. Also, up to 30% of an HID's light output never comes out of the lamp, due to internal reflection. 

Lighting fixtures that use LED technology are known as Solid State Lighting (SSL). Since no gas, or filament needs to heat before emitting light, LED fixtures do not waste large chunks of input energy. The LED outdoor security lighting fixtures that you'll shop from our lighting store will convert up to 95% of input energy into bright and non-toxic light. 


Energy-efficiency: Installing and using outdoor lighting fixtures like an LED floodlight allows one to save lots of energy over long periods. In comparison with non-LED lights, LED fixtures offer more lumens per watt. Thus, for every watt energy an LED light consumes, it provides much brighter light output than a typical incandescent or fluorescent lighting fixture.

Long-lasting: LED outdoor floodlights go through a rigorous test. In general, the LED lights that you'll see will come with a rating for up to 5,00,00 operational hours. On average usage, for 11 hours every day, an LED fixture should last for at least five years every day.

High CRI:  LED floodlights outdoor have a high color rendering index, which means that these lights render colors true to their nature and as actual as daylight. 

Available in several 'tones of white': All of the LED lights from our collection come with a correlated color temperature (CCT) marking. The CCT is a measure of how 'blue' or 'red' does the white light coming out of an LED lamp. We provide LED lights in warm-white, daylight-white, crystal-white, and cool-white illuminations hues.