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LED Flood Lights are ideal outdoor lighting fixtures as a medium of illuminating sufficient lights in the outdoors. These LED security lights offer excellent visibility in the parking premises, streets, parks, alleys, etcetera. Moreover, the color temperature ensures to emit daylight white light for a visible and safe surrounding. With an IP-65 rating, LED flood lights will not compromise their performance due to dust and water in extremely harsh weather conditions. Moreover, these outdoor lighting fixtures are prominently used in stadiums, parking lots, courtyards, arenas, etcetera. Furthermore, some flood lights are available with features like photocell, dimmable, motion sensor, remote control, and so on that represents efficiency.

17 products

17 products

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About LED Flood Lights Outdoor

 LED Flood lights are the best way to keep your outdoors safe. These new, state-of-the-art lights offer ample brightness and can be installed easily by any business owner or lighting professional. LED Flood lights provide security for the outdoors and deter the movement of unwanted intruders on your premises. 

LED Flood lights offer enough illumination for the vehicle owners to navigate their vehicles in the night hours. The areas of application for LED Flood lights are stadiums, sports arenas, large spaces etc. 

As you're deciding on particular lighting fixtures for your upcoming outdoor projects, we want to help. So go through the answers to some common questions asked by LED light installers and choose wisely!

What are LED Flood lights?

LED Flood lights are a great way to create extra illumination where you need them. In addition, they can be installed where open space is available for installation. 

Most LED Flood lights are equipped with motion sensors to detect unwanted intrusion and keep the premises safe. In addition, these fixtures are used for general illumination as they deliver high-intensity brightness to cover a wide area. 

Why are LED Flood lights a popular choice?

LED Flood lights are a popular choice because they provide the following benefits over traditional outdoor light fixtures:

  • LED Flood lights deliver higher lumen output while consuming less power, creating better illumination for the outdoors.
  •  LED Flood lights also reduce crime rates by making parking lots safer at night with ample brightness that eliminates shadows so one can detect intruders.
  • LED Flood lights can last longer than conventional fixtures due to their higher lumen output and low maintenance requirements.

LED Flood lights are high-quality lamps!

Our selection of LED Flood lights will help you illuminate your outdoor space no matter what season it may be. With a color temperature of 5700K, we have lamps that can withstand all weather conditions and provide the perfect brightness for vast space.

For those who need reliable light, our LED Flood lights are the best choice. They come with a reasonable warranty period and can be used for the outdoors so that you're never left in darkness when it matters most.

Choose between 100V to 480V depending on what will work best in your location. Of course, you can't go wrong with a LED Flood light that comes with an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours or more. 

How bright is a 100-watt LED flood light?

In simple terms, a 100-watt LED floodlight is sufficient to replace the typical 300-watt metal halide fixture. Thus, it is safe to say that LED lights outperform traditional lamps, and they are ready to take over the lighting game. Apart from the 100-watt fixture, below is a list of LED light replacements for non-LEd lights in several wattages:

What's the difference between an LED Spotlight and a Flood light?

LED Flood lights are brighter than spotlight fixtures, with a wider beam angle that spans up to 120 degrees. 

LED Flood lights are also larger and less delicate in comparison. LED spotlights are small and compact in comparison to Flood lights.

LED Flood light has a more extended reach than its counterpart - The narrow "spot" light offered by spotlights (upwards of 45-degree angles).

    Do Floodlights consume a lot of electricity?

    The advantages of LED Flood lights are many. They consume much less energy than traditional metal halide bulbs or other non-LED types. 

    LED Flood lights do not generate immense amounts of heat like the traditional light fixtures like high-intensity discharge lamps (HID) and relatively decrease the power consumption.


    Energy-efficiency: Installing and using outdoor lighting fixtures like an LED Flood light saves lots of energy over long periods. Compared with non-LED lights, these brighter light sources offer more lumens per watt - meaning for every watt consumed by the light fixture.

    Long-lasting: LED Flood lights go through rigorous testing at the time of manufacture. In general, LED lights can operate for up to 50,000 hours without any issues.

    High color rendering index:  LED Flood lights have a high color rendering index (CRI), which means that these lights render colors true as actual as natural daylight.