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Gymnasium Lighting Fixtures

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    The importance of the dedicated lighting system for your gymnasium or sports complex needs no emphasis. To be the toughest, and the best at whatever sport fits your bill, you need to at least see things in a clear light. This is where LED Gym lightings come into the picture. 

    When people come in to exercise in a gym or in an arena, one thing that they expect is proper lighting. If the lighting in your gym doesn’t meet that expectation, you lose business, as simple as that! 

    Conventional lighting fixtures give out an uneven light, sometimes causing hot spots, or sometimes causing glare both of which dampen the experience of the gym-goers.   

    Major challenges in lighting up the gym

    The first major challenge with commercial gym lighting is about the height. Usually, ceilings above 20ft require high bay lights. This becomes a problem because a lift will be required for repair and maintenance of the fixture.  

    Another issue is that large sports arenas are multipurpose spaces that double or even triple up as auditoriums, community meeting centers and more. Therefore different type of lighting is required for each of these activities. 

    Last but not the least, it is crucial that the light does not cause glare. Gym-goers spend a considerable amount of their time in the gym looking up at the ceiling when the exercise. Bright lights which can cause a glare should be avoided in such a scenario. 

    Things to keep in mind while choosing the lighting for your gym

    • The height of the ceiling is perhaps the most impor6tant fact determining the type of light that you will install in your gym. On a low ceiling, integrated tubes will work but on a ceiling higher than 20ft linear or UFO high bay lights will be used.  
    • Next, the layout of the gym will play an important role in deciding the kind of light you will be using in your gym. In a small space, you might perhaps install Integrated tubes whereas in a large space you will use high bay lights, UFO or Linear. 
    • The hours of operation also play a part in the lighting that you will install. If your gym operates 24 hours of the day, you must install lights that can endure long hours and do not risk burning o

    Different types of lighting you can use in your gym

    You can use multiple types of lights in your gym based on your needs and requirements. 

  • Linear high bay lightPerfectly suitable for large arenas with high ceilings this type of light provides energy-efficient lighting at a low cost while also providing quality lighting. This type of lighting is suitable where the ceiling space is high and there is a lot of room to install lights. 

  • UFO High bay lightsThis type of lighting is suitable for places where the ceiling is high but there is less space to install linear high bay lights. Round in shape, UFO high bay lights are often used in arenas, halls, etc. 

  • Integrated tubesThese are LED tubes which come with their own proper fixture and need no extra fitting or component to run. These tubes are used in places where the ceiling height is low but the lighting requirement is high. 

  • Benefits of LED Gymnasium lighting

    • High Energy Efficiency: LED fitness gym lighting is highly energy-efficient and save up to 75% on your electricity bills. This is achieved because LEDs convert 95% of the energy consumed into light and only 5% of the electricity is wasted as heat.
    • High CRI: LED gym lights have a high color rendering index which measures the color rendering abilities of a light source. Higher the CRI, better the color rendition. LED lights have a CRI of more than 80 which means that the colors rendered by these lights have an accuracy of more than 80% as compared to daylight. 
    • Long-lasting: LED gym lightings have a long operational life of more than 50,000 hours which means that these lights will work for 5.7 years even if used 24 hours of the day. 

    Eco-friendly: Because of the high energy efficiency of these products, these LED gym lights are highly eco-friendly. This is because LED gym lights do not put much pressure on the grid, therefore, reducing the carbon footprint of the planet.