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Collection: LED Integrated Tubes

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About LED Integrated Tubes

Integrated LED tubes are best suited for indoors spread in vast areas like hallways and corridors. The reason is they can be daisy-chained (up to 4) to form a row of uniform lighting across the space. Further, you can even link them together via connecting cables (up to 8) for well-laid pattern lighting so there is no dark spot around the space.

These linkable integrated tubes are widely used for convenience store lighting, exhibition room lighting, and hotel hallway/ aisle lighting. Many residences also benefit highly from LED Integrated Tubes. Basement lighting problems can also be solved using this fixture.

Types Available

At LEDMyPlace, LED integrated tubes are currently available in two sizes, namely T5 and T8. Talking about the length, you may either choose 4ft or 8ft LED integrated tube depending on the specific size of your area and also the lighting requirement you may have.

At LEDMyPlace, you can either choose clear glass trim or frosted (also: milky) glass trim of LED Integrated Tubes.

Accessories Required

LED connecting cable for integrated tubes by LEDMyPlace goes a long way in providing your space the desired lighting effect. It helps link more integrated tubes in a row so more space between the lights can be achieved.

When you buy LED Integrated Tubes from LEDMyPlace, you get the required accessories inside the box. Integrated Connecting Cable, Clips, Screws, and Wire Caps required for the installation are all included inside the box along with the fixture for your ease.