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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 4ft LED Shop Lights - T8 4ft Integrated LED Tube Lights

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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: 4ft LED Shop Lights - T8 4ft Integrated LED Tube Lights

Using high-performing Integrated LED Tube Lights in your commercial shops can help in enhancing visibility. These 4ft LED shop light fixtures are energy efficient. You can consider using them in damp locations. Plus, these plug & play LED shop lights are linkable.

3 products

3 products

About 4ft LED Shop Lights - T8 4ft Integrated LED Tube Lights

You should not be surprised to know that LED lighting is one of the best companions for retail shops. Whether you own a grocery store or clothing store, LED shop lights can bring a revolution to your business. 

LED lights have brought a revolution in the commercial lighting sector, which is still under process. 

4ft led shop light are available in 2 color temperatures; 5000 kelvins and 6500 kelvins, both of which are perfect for a retail store and shop lighting. These lights can provide a glare-free and flicker-free illumination, while also rendering eye-pleasing illumination in a large area. 

Great Energy Savings 

A large chunk of retail shops in the U.S have switched to LED lights and the rest of them are gradually transitioning towards LED lights. According to, LED lights can help save $30 billion in savings on energy bills and 348 TWh of electric power. by 2027.

4 ft. LED Shop Light can be a great energy saver for your shop. 

Great Color Rendering

These 4 foot LED shop lights can change the way your customers look at your products. LED tubes render saturated colors that pop out, so every texture and print of the goods look better under its illumination. 

If you own a grocery store, LED lights can make your groceries tastier and fresher. 

Branding Factor

Many fortune 500 companies have already switched to LED lights. Companies like Starbucks, have switched to LED lighting fixtures because it is not about lighting anymore. LED lights are now a branding factor. 

In 2014 Walmart committed to upgrading its lighting to LED lighting, and it did across all the stores all over the world. 

Healthier Lights

LED lights do not emit UV rays, which is the reason why LED lights do not attract bugs and insects. LED lights, therefore, are healthier for humans as well. 4 foot LED shop lights do not flicker and are made up of eco-friendly materials. 

Beyond this, LED lights with large blue light components have been proven to have some germicidal action as well.

4ft led shop light bulbs also known as are great for your shops and could be the first step towards your transition to LED lighting.

4’ Linkable LED Shop Lights are plug and play shop light and you will not face ballast compatibility issues with them. They render soft white light, which is gentle on eyes and great for hops.