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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Up and Down Lights

Up and Down Lights are versatile lighting fixtures that are used for indoor and outdoor applications. You can prefer using up and down light wall sconce in the living room, doorway, entryway, porch, outdoor walls, restaurants, hotels, and other outside walls. Moreover, these outdoor up and down lights are not just great for decoration purposes, their illumination capacity is quite fabulous. The light has an elongated reach from both upward and downward direction. These lightings contain several excellent features like IP-65 rating, dimmable, multiple color options, etcetera.

7 products

7 products

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About Up and Down Lights

Up and Down Wall Lights, also known as wall sconces, are among the most versatile fixture types available, with indoor and outdoor designs. Outdoor up-down wall lights are a fantastic space-saving and practical choice for illuminating patio areas, entryways, and more. They are easily adaptable to a variety of commercial and residential spaces. Best-selling models come in a wide range of shades, sizes, and vibrant and neutral finish options, making it simple to find the right outdoor up-down wall light once you know what you're looking for.

How to Pick an Up-Down Wall Light for Your Contemporary space?

When looking for up-down wall sconces, you will undoubtedly be confronted with a plethora of choices that can be confusing at first. The most common fixtures in this category are available in both hardwired and plug-in models, giving you the freedom to choose the lighting style that best meets your needs. The prevalent décor style will also influence the choice of up-down wall sconces. It is best to choose a fixture that complements the existing outdoor furniture, accessories, and fixtures.

Choose up-down wall sconce with classic elements, including polished brass and antique bronze metallic finishes, as well as impact-resistant glass shades and opal interior diffusers that beautifully project light onto surrounding surfaces for typical exterior spaces. Outdoor LED wall lights with black body finish look great in typical outdoor spaces, but they also fit well in industrial or functional settings.

Choose from various bestselling fixtures that feature sturdy, corrosion-resistant metals with elegant finishes if you plan to install an outdoor up-down wall light in an ultramodern, contemporary, or minimalist room. Outdoor wall lights, both residential and commercial, go well with these decorative designs.

Up-down outdoor wall lightings have the potential to brilliantly illuminate high-traffic areas, which is one of their most robust features. Top outdoor LED lighting includes long-life bulbs with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, as well as electronic low voltage (ELV) or TRIAC dimming for complete light customization. Choose your up-down wall lights from a wider outdoor lighting range of fixtures that includes deck step lights, in-ground pathway lights, and commercial bollard lights for a professionally curated look.

It can be difficult to narrow down your choice of designer up-down wall sconce for outdoor use with so many choices. Aside from the planned installation spaces’ overall style, there are many other important factors to consider. Always keep the outdoor area’s lighting requirements in mind when looking for new or replacement of up and down wall lights. For example, for both aesthetics and protection, walkways and entryways need brighter lighting, so choosing an up-down wall sconce that supports brighter color temperature LEDs is essential.

Why should you choose UP and Down Lights?

People often focus on indoor lighting, but outdoor lighting is equally essential. Outdoor wall lights that move up and down can add a lot of elegance to a yard, a house's side, or a wall, casting shadows while still providing plenty of light. Outdoor wall lights come in a variety of styles and designs, so take a look around to see what's available. Here's what you need to know about up/down outdoor wall lights so you can make the best choices for your home.

Outdoor wall sconces with an up and down outdoor lighting function well almost anywhere outside. Start with your porch to cast light on the door, and then move on to the path leading to your house, especially if you have a high wall. Up and downlights just outside your garage make it easier to navigate, particularly as the evenings draw in, and if you don't have a garage door opener, they will help you locate the handle. You can also use these outdoor sconces to highlight your home’s main features by positioning them above or below them and don't forget to use them as landscaping lighting.

When it comes to selecting the right up and down outdoor wall sconce, it's all about determining your personal style and the location of the lighting. If you want a subtler scene, such as a low wall, use smaller lights that only illuminate a short distance, but if you want something large and dramatic, use louder, larger lights with a lot more clout. Consider if you want lights that go up and down in a straight line or angled lights. In certain instances, you may want the light to serve as both a decorative element during the day and a source of illumination at night. You can do so by choosing models that stand out.