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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures | Light Fixtures And Vanity Lights

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Translation missing: en.collections.general.collection_label: Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures | Light Fixtures And Vanity Lights

80 products

80 products

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About Modern Bathroom Light Fixtures | Light Fixtures And Vanity Lights

One of the most ignored places in the house, the bathroom is not just a place where we freshen up, but it is the place where we find solace. Therefore, bathroom lighting finds great importance among all lighting fixtures. 

The importance of bathroom lighting extends beyond just lighting up space. Bathroom light fixtures also accentuate and highlight the design and architectural elements in the bathroom. This makes the selection of bathroom lights quite a focus-oriented task that should be carried out with precision. 

The various design elements in the bathroom call for a more nuanced approach to your bathroom lights. That is why we have prepared this guide to help you navigate through the bright world of bathroom lights. 


Various Kinds Of Bathroom Lights

  • LED Vanity Mirrors: Perfect for every bathroom, LED Vanity mirrors present a stylish and modern alternative to the usual boring bathroom mirror. With features such as in-built defogger, CCT remembrance, and various other features, these mirrors are a must-have for every bathroom out there.  
  • Vanity Lighting: Bathroom sconces and other vanity lighting options work best in modern bathrooms for their stylish and upbeat design and great functionality. Offering great performance, these vanity light fixtures not just light up, but illuminate your bathroom. 
  • LED DownlightsDownlights, which are also known as can lights and pot lights are small lighting fixtures that are installed in the ceiling in such a way that the light is emitted in a downward direction. 
  • LED Flush mount fixturesPerfect for low clearance ceilings in washrooms, bathroom ceiling light fixtures are ideal for placement in modern bathrooms as these provide great aesthetics and beauty to your washroom. 


What Makes These Lights Perfect For Use In Washrooms?

All these lights have an IP65 rating which means that these lights have an ingress protection of 68. IP stands for ingress protection and it is an international standard for sealing effectiveness of electrical appliances. 

The first digit in the IP rating is for protection against solid objects and the second digit represents safety against liquid. The rating for solid objects of 6 means that the fixture is dust-tight. For the second digit, which is for liquid, a rating of 5 means protection against splashes of water. A liquid rating of 8 means protection from immersion. 

Thus, having IP65 and IP68 ratings, these bathroom lighting products are protected against dust and water making them perfect for use in the washroom. 


Advantages Of LED Bathroom Lighting

  • Energy-efficient: LED bathroom lighting fixtures convert 95% of the electricity consumed into light and lose just 5% of the electricity as heat. This makes these fixtures highly eco-friendly as they do not draw much power from the grid. 
  • Long-lasting: These bathroom lighting fixtures have a long operational life of 50,000 hours which means that once you install these bathroom lights you won’t have to worry about a replacement for at least 5.7 years. 
  • High CRI: The color rendering index of these bathroom mirrors is very high which means that these lights render colors that are accurate in comparison with an ideal source of light such as daylight.