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Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Edge, Back and Front Lit Bathroom Mirror

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Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Edge, Back and Front Lit Bathroom Mirror

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About LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Edge, Back and Front Lit Bathroom Mirror

LED vanity mirror is a game-changing makeup mirror that provides you a magnifying look of your face, which can’t ever get offered by the traditional mirror. Upgrade your bathroom like a dressing room by installing an illuminated bathroom mirror, and start enjoying a luxurious and appealing bathroom.

In the modern world, mirrors and wall art serve as the perfect finishing touch to a well-designed space, be it a bathroom or bedroom. Specifically, LED vanity mirrors are a must in a modern bathroom that transforms the entire look of the space and improves functionality.

When it comes to choosing a perfect LED mirror, there are so many options. Vanity mirrors with lights help make mundane grooming tasks much easier and add much-needed illumination to the place. Mirrors naturally reflect light, so adding lighting above or around is one of the easiest ways to add bright illumination into a contemporary space. Additionally, many of the top-selling LED Bathroom mirrors like us offer dual functionality as medicine cabinets, offering a discreet and stylish way to store everyday necessities. Our LED Light mirror medicine cabinets feature built-in long-life LEDs and are available in different sizes ranging from small, 24-inch models to large mirrors up to 48-inches.

The lighted bathroom mirror provided by the LEDMyplace includes advanced features like an in-built defogger, one-touch On/Off, and front/backlight.

We provide easy-to-install LED-lit mirrors. Explore the collection, and find mirrors in various sizes, including 24x36 inch, 36x36 inch, and 36x48 inch. Our collection offers minimalist round LED mirrors, classic Square designs, artsy rectangular mirrors, and utilitarian LED mirror cabinets. If you are thinking about colors and styles, know that we have got your  b̶a̶c̶k̶  mirror! 

Shop with us and get Up to a 5-year manufacturer warranty on ETL listed LED Vanity Mirrors. 

Who Should Buy a Makeup mirror with lights? 

A makeup mirror with lights helps provide studio-grade reflections and a desirable ambient lighting experience in a personal space (your bathroom or closet room). Therefore, it won't be an exaggeration when we say that an LED mirror is the future of bathroom mirrors.

 Imagine a bathroom full of luxurious features, beautiful faucets, aesthetically pleasing decór but a simple, dull mirror. Now, imagine the same space with a bathroom vanity mirror with lights adorning a wall. Do you picture a  luxury appeal that enhances the aesthetics and interior decór of the wall space? 

A renascence in the lighting decór segment, LED-lit mirrors, are all the rage between interior decorators. From homeowners to facility managers in multi-star hotels, beauty salons, and art studio owners, a vanity mirror with lights is ideal for anyone fond of impressive lighting decór. 

The vanity makeup mirror Meets Modern-Day Lifestyle Demands. 

Vanity mirrors are best friends of a beauty enthusiast and those who like to admire themselves in the mirror. These mirrors allow viewing the finer details of one's face while performing intricate makeup routines and grooming. 

All in all, anyone who wants a gorgeous mirror with excellent functions must go for our LED mirrors!

Here, we will be diving deep into the world of the illuminated bathroom mirrors  and understand the following topics in detail:

  • What are LED vanity mirrors?
  • How does an LED mirror work, and what are its major components?
  • What are the features of Lighted mirrors?


LED vanity mirrors are a cut above the traditional bathroom mirrors. These mirrors are an excellent replacement for the simple mirrors that thrive to survive. Unlike the vanity mirrors of the yesteryears, lighted mirrors offer an energy-saving mechanism. 

Robust and scratch-resistant glass offers crisp reflections with the assistance of super-bright, non-glaring LED lights. Using an LED Vanity mirror is easy and soul-pleasing. Install an LED mirror and enhance the looks and functionality of your bathroom vanity. 


The two prime components of Vanity Mirror with lights are LED lights and a polished mirror. Simply put, LED lights are the backbone of this lighting decór product. 

 The mirror is high-quality, smooth, and glossy. So, it renders a non-distorted reflection of the person standing in front, every time. Thick silver polished back and standard glass thickness ensure that the mirrors last for a long time.

 The premium-quality LED lights present in these mirrors are compliant with standard safety regulations. You can be sure about electrical safety in damp indoor locations (such as a bathroom or spa). The LED light strip that runs across the edges of the mirror provides adequate lighting. Thus, allowing you to focus on the minor details while performing daily face care routines entirely. 

Apart from the glass and LED lights, let's talk about our LED mirrors' wiring. The mirrors feature a hardwired design, which makes them sleek and offers smooth edges. 

The mirrors come with a plug-in type connection. So, you can plug an illuminated mirror into the power source, like you would do while charging a mobile phone. Nevertheless, you can connect them to a power supply via hardwiring.  

If you want to learn the installation process in detail, go through this guide.  


Vanity makeup mirrors pack several eye-catching and mood-refreshing features. 

Here is a comprehensive list of all the features that these mirrors offer: 

  • Energy Conserving Decór Lighting: Talking about energy conservation, know that LED lights convert up to 95% of input energy into bright illumination. They only waste about 5% of input energy in the form of unwanted heat. LED lights are popular among the energy-saving humans of earth. The LED lights present in our vanity mirrors will not consume an enormous amount of energy. Thus, helping to meet your goals judicious energy consumption. 
  • High CRI: Color rendering index or CRI measures the accuracy of colors under an artificial light source (such as an LED light) compared to natural light (Sunlight). The lighted mirrors available at LEDMyplace have a CRI of more than 90. Meaning that they will help render reflections and surrounding objects in true colors. It is safe to say thatthe colors that you'll see under the light of our vanity mirror will have a 90% resemblance to what you'd see under the sun!

The color rendering index ranges from 0-100, where 0 means that all colors appear almost the same. On the other hand, CRI-100 implies that the colors appear as accurate as they would under broad-daylight. 


If you are particular about energy conservation, beware of the Vanity mirrors based on fluorescent technology. Fluorescent-lit mirrors have high CRI, but they are energy-consuming monsters that will end up burning a hole in your pocket. 

  • Long-lasting: Our LED mirrors get industry-standard ratings after going through rigorous tests in pivotal laboratories. The mirrors come with a rating of 5,00,00 operational hours. Upon average use for 11 hours per day, your LED-lit mirror will last over 5.7 years.

Since there are no moving parts in our LED mirrors, they do not go through unnecessary stress and mechanical tension. Also, there are no components that give out any residue. Thus, the chances of performance depreciation are slim.

  • Various CCTs and CCT remembrance:Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) denotes the color appearance of the white-light put out by an LED light source (in kelvins). Our LED Vanity Mirrors offer three CCTs: warm-white, cool-white, and daylight-white. 

Along with three different color appearances, our LED-lit mirrors offer a CCT remembrance feature. The feature helps the mirror take note of the last CCT you set before turning it off.

  • Inbuilt defogger: Our LED-lit mirrors have an inbuilt defogger, which allows a fog-free mirror-viewing experience, even after you take a hot shower! This simple-yet-significant feature eliminates the need for frequent manual defogging that you'd otherwise do with a wiping cloth.
  • One-Touch On/Off: Anything that comes with a simple user interface is good, right! Our vanity mirrors offer easy one-touch operation. Use the touch button switch on the mirror, use it to turn off and to change between the three CCTs. 
  • Front/ Backlight: If you are looking forward to adding more beauty to your bathroom, an led backlit bathroom mirror installation makes complete sense. If not, you can go with a front-lit LED mirror. The difference between both is that the former gives light on the front and rear end, while the latter provides light on the front-side. 

Now that you've gone through thesaga of LED Vanity Mirrors, do you feel excited to have one at your living or workspace? If yes, don't wait anymore, go on, and start shopping. Nevertheless, if you are here to shop Residential LED fixtures or commercial LED lights, feel free to explore our website. 

Happy shopping!