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Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Front-Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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Collection: LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Front-Lighted Bathroom Mirror

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About LED Vanity Mirrors - LED Front-Lighted Bathroom Mirror

Modern Styled and bright LED Vanity Mirrors. Buy Online now! The best quality easily installed mirror lights. 5-year manufacturer warranty. ETL listed. Different Sizes including 24x36 inch, 36x36 inch, 36x48 inch, and 22 inches round mirror lighting.

Imagine a bathroom full of luxurious features, beautiful faucets aesthetically pleasing decor but a simple dull mirror. Imagine the same bathroom now with an LED vanity mirror adorning an entire wall. That is the power and the luxury appeal of LED vanity mirrors when talking about aesthetics and interior decor. 

In the following write-up, we will be diving deep into the world of LED vanity mirrors and will be understanding in detail the following topics: 

  • What are vanity mirrors and what are they made of
  • How an LED vanity mirror works and what are the major components
  • What are the features of LED vanity mirrors 

What are vanity mirrors and what are they made of

Vanity mirrors are the new age mirrors fast replacing old traditional mirrors that have LED lights embedded in them. Having LED lights as the backbone of the product. Using a lush strong glass mirror, the reflection from the mirrors with the help of high quality LED lights, give yourself the best treatment you deserve every morning.

How an LED vanity mirror works and what are the major components

Having a fairly simple process, LED mirrors are specialized mirrors which are meant to give a make-up studio kind of reflection, at a much lesser price. There are two components of LED vanity mirrors. One being the LED part and the other being the mirror itself. 

The mirrors provided with the setup are high quality, smooth and glossy to give that premium feel to the person standing in front of the mirror, each time, every time. Having a polished back these mirrors last a long time and give you an accurate reflection of yourself. 

The LEDs used in these mirrors are Hongli Led which are rated for the highest benchmarks. A new dawn in the mirror segment, LED vanity mirrors are all the rage between interior decorators right now. 

An LED light strip that runs across the edges of the mirror creates the perfect lighting needed to fully focus on the minor details during your morning routines. 

The other major component of the vanity mirror is the wiring. These vanity mirrors are pluggable directly into the power source and the wiring is hardwired inside the mirror to provide sleek and smooth edges to the fixture. 

The power supply lights up the LED which lights up the object in front of the mirror. 

Something so simple yet fo feature-laden. 

Vanity mirrors are true friend of a beauty enthusiast, otherwise as well, to those just like to admire themselves in the mirror, these mirrors fit all types. 

What are the main features of LED vanity mirrors 

Beautifully crafted and simple, these mirrors are loaded with multiple features which are eye-catching for everybody. Having advanced features like CCT remembrance and an inbuilt defogger, this mirror becomes the perfect and ideal for all washrooms. 

Here is a comprehensive list of all the features that these mirrors have. 

  • Efficiency: No other technology has ever provided the kind of efficiency that LEDs offer.  

Light-emitting diodes, as these are called, are little semiconductors in which the light is produced as a byproduct of the collision of two opposite-type electrons. 

This essentially means that there is no moving part. Talking about the generation of electricity, 95% of the electricity is converted into light, the rest 5% is dissipated as heat. 

Because of this efficiency, a lower power LED replaces a higher power conventional light. 

  • High CRIColor rendering index or CRI is the measure of how accurate the colors are when compared to an ideal light source such as daylight. The Vanity mirrors available at LEDMyplace, all have a CRI of more than 90. This means that these render colors as they would appear under daylight with an accuracy of 90%. 

A bathroom vanity mirror with a low CRI will not show the true colors o0f the person or the object and the activity carried out with the help of the mirror will not be achieved with 100% perfection. 

The color rendering index ranges from 0-100 where 0 means that all colors are the same, essentially black, 100 means that the colors are as accurate as they would be under daylight. Vanity mirrors based on fluorescent technology having high CRI are energy-consuming monsters that end up as huge electricity bills. 

  • Long-lasting: It is because of the efficiency that Vanity mirrors enjoy, they also have a long life. Gifted with a life of 50,000 hours, these mirrors bomes your best bud for at least half a decade. This is tested and properly certified in laboratories. 

Having such a long span also becomes possible because of the fact that there are no moving parts in vanity mirrors and there are no components that give out any kind of residue. Basically atoms create light inside the LED, therefore, there is no risk of damage or any other form of irreparable act on the lights.     

  • Different CCTs and color remembrance: CCT or correlated color temperature, as it is commonly known, is the temperature of the color which is measured in Kelvin. These mirrors don't just have different color temperature, but also have the ability to remember the last used color temp so you won't have to set it up each time manually.    
  • A color temperature of 2000 Kelvin gives out a dim glow of light which is similar to candlelight. This color temperature is best suited for places where ambient light is preferred.  
  • A soft white light is emitted within a range of 2000-3000 Kelvin often used in the living room, dining room, bedrooms.
  • A bright white light is emitted within a range of 3100-4500 Kelvin which is most useful in task area lighting needs in places such as offices, kitchens and workspaces. 
  • For places where very bright illumination is needed, 4600-6500 Kelvin is best suited because this color temprature is similar to daylight temperature. 
  • 6500 Kelvin is the color temperature where the light starts to get a bluish hue. 

  • Inbuilt defogger: These mirrors have an inbuilt defogger with the help of which these mirrors stay ultra-clean even in the presence of fog. 

    Having to first clean the mirror of fog and then using it is a painful task which is done void using these mirrors which have an inbuilt mechanism to deal with the fog.