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LED Bathroom Lighted Mirror 24" X 36" Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Defogger, Inner Window Style

LED Bathroom Lighted Mirror 24" X 36" Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Defogger, Inner Window Style

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LED Bathroom Lighted Mirror 24" X 36" Lighted Vanity Mirror Includes Defogger, Inner Window Style
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LED Bathroom Vanity Mirror With Lights - 24" X 36" Inch -Touch Switch - ETL Approved - CCT Changeable With Remembrance-5 Years Warranty-Waterproofed and UL Approved Driver

The  24" X 36" lighted vanity mirror or LED Bathroom lighted mirror is smooth, glossy and sophisticated in style. This eco-friendly, silver-backed, glass mirror is a perfect portrayal of words -- “a mirror doesn’t lie” as it provides you with clear, crisp and impeccable reflection. Utilizing the power of 120 LEDs per meter, this mirror provides for high CRI (90+), color-change & “correlated color temperature change remembrance” without sacrificing the quality of illumination. Available with an easy On/Off touch switch and a built-in defogger, this mirror is impeccable in itself to provide you with a completely all-new, energizing and refreshing experience.
As the name suggests, this bathroom lighted mirror is perfect for use in bathrooms when you can use it for all your grooming needs including low or high make-up, cleaning, shaving or dressing needs. While the 24-inch x 36-inch dimensions allow for having your grooming task completed in an effective manner, this mirror with aesthetic looks makes your bathroom look luxurious & unique. 

  • A Mirror With exceptional Quality: This  24" X 36" LED bathroom lighted mirror is a mirror with exceptional quality as it provides you with a high-quality reflection by eliminating all the dark spots that may exist within the range of lighting. In other words, it exactly shows you what you see and not what you want to see.   
  • High CRI: A CRI is an indication of how best and how authentic the color of the objects get revealed under the light source coming from behind the mirror in comparison to the natural light source. The CRI of 90+ is good for tasks requiring accurate color discrimination. 
  • 3000K-6000K Color Temperature: The Power switch available with the LED bathroom lighted mirror can enable change in color of the light beam from 3000K to 6000K allowing you to do the make-up under different levels of color glow. You can see how you look when it’s a warm color glow and when it’s perfect daylight. 
  • CCT Remembrance: The bathroom lighted mirror while providing for color-change in lighting also remembers the color you used last before turning off the light. It’s a great feature in itself as it provides for color-contrasting technique generally used by the make-up artists so as to impart a natural and yet flattering look to their clients who are making-over for a definite purpose.    
  • In-Built Defogger: Save your time now by having the defogger in your mirror as no more the need to wipe off the mirror to keep it clean and fog-free.   
  • 50,000 Hours Lifespan: This LED bathroom lighted mirror is bound to last for not less than 50,000 hours requiring very low maintenance and no replacement during this time period.
  • Waterproofed and UL Approved Driver:This product comes with a waterproof and UL approved internal driver from Meanwell that powers the LEDs (about 120 LEDs/meter) for overload protection, much more than any standard mirror light.        
  • Eco-friendly Lighting through The Mirror: Since the LEDs used in the mirror are free from any toxic chemicals such as mercury or lead, rest assured, you are having a mirror that’s conducive to the environment ensuring a clean, green and healthy environment. Remember, every bit counts!      
  • ETL Certified Mirror: The whole mirror comes as ETL certified which means you are completely safe while making use of this product.          
  • 30 Days Return Policy and 5 Years Warranty: Ask any question related to exchange or return! We are here to help you. You have 5 years of warranty on this product. 

Easy Installation

 While this product is intended for use in high wet zones, i.e. bathroom zones 1 & 2, take proper care before installing the product. Though the installation procedure is easy,  it’s always wise to use an electrician’s help. In order to install this mirror, all you need to do is drill holes on the wall in a straight horizontal line as per the width of the mirror, and with the help of few wall plugs and screws, hang the mirror. You must make sure, the mirror is firmly mounted on the wall. 

One Touch On Off

The power switch on one hand allows you to turn On or Off the lights by simply tapping on the switch, the Power switch allows you to change the color of the light (which means changing the color temperature anywhere between 3000K-6000K).


The defogger works automatically when the mirror is connected to the power. (the anti-fog function works after 5 minutes)

CCT Changeable

 The color temperature of the LED Vanity Mirror can be easily changed from 3000K to 6000K through a Power switch by pressing and holding the switch for a few seconds.   

No Swirl Marks or Streaks

The defogger that comes inbuilt with the LED Vanity Mirror keeps your mirror completely clean without leaving behind any swirls or streaks. 

CRI >90

 The Color Rendering Index of our LED bathroom lighted mirror will let the color of your face reflect true color up to 90% precision in comparison to a natural light source. 

Energy Saving

You can expect an energy-saving of 80-90% by adjusting the intensity of light.

50,000 Hours Life Expectancy of Continuous Use

 The intended lifespan of this bathroom lighted mirror is 50,000 hours, even when you use it round the clock. And, rest assured, you will not need any replacement before the end of this service life. If you need any help with the replacement of light fittings or electric parts for the mirror, our customer service representatives are always there to help you.  

Slim & Sleek Design

 All our mirrors intended for use in bathrooms are slim & sleek, designed especially to make your bathroom look unique and appealing. 


Brand: LEDMyplace
Certifications: ETL Listed
Dimensions (L x W x H): 24 X 36 inches
Housing: Aluminum
LED Type: LED2835
Lumens: 2200-2600 LM
Safety Rating: ETL Listed
UPC: 719034339238
Warranty: 5 Years
CCT: 3000/4000/4200/6000
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 3000/4000/4200/6000 Kelvin
Driver: Waterproofed UL approved Meanwell brand
LED Brand: Hongli Led
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): MR011
Voltage: 110 Voltage

Product Review

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • I am looking for where to find rough in measurements for electrical wiring, i purchased the mirror a few days ago and need to know where the electrician needs to have his wiring. Thank you

    Please contact us at and we can provide the full installation booklet.

  • How deep or thick is this mirror

    The depth is 2in.

  • Can this be recessed into the wall? If so what are the dimensions of the recessed portion?

    You'd need to cut the studs the same length as the thickness (about 1.5in) so there would need to be some modifications but it can be done!

  • I am replacing another LED with this one. The original is 2" in depth, will the 1.77" work? Thanks

    This one is also actually 2in in depth! I just went out and measured it.

  • Is it mounted either way like 24 wide x 36 tall or 36 wide x 24 tall? The image looks like it goes 24 wide by 36 tall but the tech specs look like it is 36 wide by 24 I am replacing the 24 wide by 36 tall conventional mirror with this one.

    This is is 24in wide and 36in tall so it should be a perfect match! Also, it can be installed either vertically or horizontaly.

  • Can the mirror light be turned on/off via a wall switch without touching the switch on the mirror.

    Yes! The end of the cord would need to be cut off so that it could be hard-wired into your existing power supply.

  • Can this mirror be hardwired?

    This comes with a plug. You can hard wire but it will lead to change in the physical state of the product and impact the warranty.

  • Can the led lights be replaced?

    Unfortunately, the LED's can't be replaced.

  • Can this mirror be attached to wall switch?

    The mirror has a plug at the back which can connect to an electrical box for drawing power

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