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LED Vanity Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Double Sided Mirror, On/Off Switch, Surface Mount LED Medicine Cabinet, Hector Style - 24 X 36 Inch

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LED Vanity Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Double Sided Mirror, On/Off Switch, Surface Mount LED Medicine Cabinet, Hector Style - 24 X 36 Inch

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Size_: 24 X 36 Inch

LED Lighted Mirror Medicine Cabinet - (24X36) 1485 Lumens/(48X28) 3690 Lumens/(72X30) 5802 Lumens - 90+ CRI, LED Bathroom Cabinets

What you see here is an LED mirror cabinet that awaits you to adorn your bathroom. The mirrors feature premium-quality LED lights rated with 50,000 operational hours, Hardwired, along with 5 years of manufacturer’s warranty. 

The design of the mirrors includes a Double-sided mirrored door along with glass shelves. These LED mirror cabinets will serve three functions:  as a lighting fixture, storage space, and mirror. They come with an IP44 rating which means that the wiring in the mirrors is safe by the standards of a bathroom. 

The LED mirror cabinets highlight a simple yet useful design that will blend with and adorn your bathroom’s existing decór. Book your LED bathroom mirror cabinet now, or explore more LED mirrors from our collection.

17 Watt or (48X28) 41 Watt or (72X30) 65 Watt

Features of LED Lighted Bathroom Mirror Medicine Cabinet, Double Sided Mirror

  • Lumens: (24"X36") 1485 Lumens or (48"X28") 3690 Lumens or (72"X30") 5802 Lumens
  • CRI: 90+ CRI
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
  • Safety Rating: ETL, FCC, CE, RoH

Exceptional Quality:

This W24" X H32" LED bathroom vanity mirror is a mirror with exceptional quality as it provides you with a high-quality reflection, and also come with an exceptional hardware quality.

High CRI:

Thanks to great quality lighting, the CRI of these lights is more than 90, which is very close to the daylight. Greater the CRI better gets the color rendition. A great CRI is one the only biggest factor for any successful makeup regime execution.

Available Color Temperature: 

It is awesome to have control over color temperatures, and you will experience it once you use an LED vanity mirror. With the Power switch available with the LED bathroom lighted mirror, you can change the color temperature of the beam.

LEDs last for years: 

The LED bulbs used in the mirror last for at least 5.7 years on average usage of 11 hours per day. LEDs will not go under any lumen depreciation before completing 80% of the time, so you can expect the same quality of illumination for many years to come.

5 years warranty 

LED vanity mirrors come with an overall warranty of 5 years. Once you install the mirror, you can be sure about its life and durability.

ETL Certified Mirror:

The mirror comes with ETL certification. ETL certification implies that the product is safe to use as it complies with the universal safety standards set by the ETL.

Waterproof UL Approved Driver:

The internal driver used to power up the LEDs used around the mirror is UL approved and waterproof as well, so matter how much damp the locations where you use LED vanity mirror is, the LEDs will outlast any.

Easy Installation

Important care should be taken while installing these mirrors, as these are installed generally in wet areas such as bathrooms. It is recommended that you hire an electrician for the installation of the mirror, as it needs to be affixed on the wall with screws.


Brand: LEDMyplace
Certifications: ETL, RoHS Listed
IP Rating: IP44
Lumens: (24X36) 1485 Lumens or (48X28) 3690 Lumens or (72X30) 5802 Lumens
Power Factor: >0.9
Warranty: 5 Years
Brightness: (24X36) 1485 Lumens or (48X28) 3690 Lumens or (72X30) 5802 Lumens
Color Rendering Index(CRI): 90+ CRI
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
MPN (Part No.): MR026
Safety Rating: ETL, RoHS Listed
Voltage: 100-120 Volts
Wattage: (24X36) 17 Watt or (48X28) 41 Watt or (72X30) 65 Watt

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Questions & Answers

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  • Is it possible to put the LED mirrors on a dimmer switch?

    I am sorry to inform you that you cannot put the LED mirrors on dimmer switch. These mirrors are not dimmable.

  • Can this be connected to a light switch or do you have to open each cabinet to turn on? Thank you!

    There is only one switch inside the cabinet that needs to be turned on.

  • rough in dimensions

    You can find the dimensions in the product images

  • How much does the 72x30 medicine cabinet weigh?

    It's 171.96 lb(s)

  • Is there a defogger?

    No, there is no defogger in this.

  • Are there 2 or 3 medicine cabinets in the 72 X 30 inch Hector mirror?

    There are 3 cabinets in  72X30 inch hector mirror.

  • Can it dim using a dimmer switch?

    The mirror is non dimmable, and dimmer switch can't be used.