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High Bay LED Lights are a type of lighting fixture that are typically used in industrial, commercial, and warehouse settings. They are designed to provide bright, efficient lighting in high ceiling areas such as warehouses, factories, and gymnasiums. High bay LED lights are more energy efficient and have a longer lifespan than traditional metal halide or fluorescent lighting fixtures, making them a cost-effective lighting solution. They also produce less heat and have a better color rendering index, providing a more comfortable and visually appealing work environment.

23 products

23 products

About High Bay LED Lights

High Bay LED Lights - The best commercial lighting solution!

Get the perfect lighting for your commercial indoors via High Bay LED Lights. These lights are commercially and industrially suitable for illuminating premises with taller ceilings. The lighting performance is appropriate to ensure that the beam angle reaches the widest extent. These lights are suitable for many commercial settings, including warehouses, workshops, factories, gymnasiums, airports, carports, departmental stores, etcetera.

Majorly, LED high bay lights are available in 2 options, i.e., linear high bay LED lights and UFO high bays. These types require a hanging mounting that ensures the illumination reaches every corner. 

Types of high bay LED lights

  • Linear high bay LED lights

Linear high bay LED lights are also known as high bay LED shop lights. These lights are perfect for retail and convenience stores. The fixture is rectangular shaped and is usually preferred for comparatively shorter ceilings.

  • UFO high bays

UFO high bays are compact and round shaped. These lights offer comprehensive beam angle illumination and are ideal for taller-than-usual ceiling heights.

What else is there in the high bays?

High bay LED lighting is preferred as an ideal commercial lighting fixture because of several features. 

  • Dimmable - These lights come with a 0-10V dimmable feature that allows you to adjust their brightness levels. 
  • Water-resistant - These lights are IP65-rated and 100% water-resistant. 
  • Motion sensor - The motion sensor feature allows you to reduce unnecessary usage. 
  • Energy-efficient - Since these high bays are LED lights, you save 70-80% on the power consumption bills compared to conventional warehouse lighting.

FAQs on high bay LED lighting

Where can I use LED high bay lights?

You can use high bay LED lights in several commercial and industrial indoors where the ceiling is taller than usual. Some areas where you can use high bays are:

  • Warehouse lighting
  • Basement Lighting
  • Welding Shop Lighting
  • Auto Body Shop Lighting
  • Aircraft Hangar Lighting
  • Car Garage Lighting
  • Grocery Stores
  • Dance Studios
  • Workshops
  • Barn
  • Machine Shops
  • Exhibition Halls
  • Commercial Lighting
  • Factory Lighting

How many high bay LED lights do I need?

The height of the ceiling influences the number of high bay LED lights required to illuminate the premises. The taller the ceiling gets, the more high bays you will require. Lower than 10 feet high commercial locations require about 100 Watts of high bay LED lighting. The more it gets, the more wattage you will require.

20-30 feet - 200-300Watt

31-40 feet - 300-400Watt

40 feet and above - 400Watt and above

Simultaneously, the spacing between each fixture is based on the foot distance of the ceiling.

10 foot ceiling - 12-15 feet distance

20 foot ceiling - 15-19 feet distance

30 foot ceiling - 19-29 feet distance

40 foot ceiling - 30-40feet distance

What are the different wattages for LED high bay lights?

Wattages play an integral role in illuminating the premises. Different wattage high bay LED lights are suitable for different locations. Aircraft Hangar, distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, factories, gymnasiums,  retail stores, workshops, etcetera are some spaces where you can opt for high bays. Typically, these wattages are categorized into three sections:

  • High wattage high bay LED lighting
  • Medium wattage LED high bay lights
  • Low wattage high bays