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High Bay LED Lights are popular warehouse lighting fixtures that are used for commercial and industrial lighting purposes. These lights are usually used in warehouses, workshops, factories, airports, carports, department stores, shops, etcetera. These lights are preferable because they can illuminate the premises with high ceilings. UFO LED high bay lights and linear LED high bay lights are two popular types of high bay lights. Furthermore, the exquisite features of these lights make them a better alternative to conventional lighting fixtures. The high bay LED lights are ideal for elevation lighting and have several excellent features like IP65 rating, dimmable, easy installation, longer lifespan, better CRI, and other useful features. Therefore, high bay LED shop lights are beneficial lighting options for high bay commercial areas.

54 products

54 products

About High Bay LED Lights

High Bay LED Lights are a better choice for High ceilings. A great option if you have an industrial or warehouse environment! If you’re looking for the perfect way to light your space, don't worry! We've got all of your high bay LED needs covered in this buying guide.

High Bay LED lights are designed for the large indoor space with high ceilings ranging from 15ft and more. Industrial High Bay LED lights must have superior performance and should meet safety standards. The right light mends the worker’s mood and reduces the chances of error, resulting in productivity. These lights are ideal for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, ports, and industrial applications. Installing LED lighting for the warehouse is the initial step for improving the condition of your warehouse. Investing in high-bay LED lights will enhance the revenue by increasing the productivity of your workers.

Today, industrial LED lighting solutions such as high bay LED lights are an integral part of warehouses' interior design process, commercial garages, and manufacturing units, among many others. Given the plenty of benefits and choices of available LED lights, it is safe to say that the days of conventional lighting fixtures are going towards an end (for good)!

High Bay LED lights have multiple applications like a factory, workshop, warehouse, commercial shop, garage, airport, workshop, and many more. With high-quality lighting, these lights are mostly used as garage lights. The versatility of these lights makes them very popular in the lighting market. 

At LEDMyplace, we are always at your disposal, and our job is to provide you with premium-quality LED lighting products. Hee, we will take you through the most critical points to consider before settling down for an LED warehouse lighting fixture. With hopes that this buyer's guide will help you make the right decision, let's get on to some learning:

What are High Bay LED Lights?

High bay LED lights are heavy-duty lighting fixtures for large enclosed spaces with a ceiling height above 15 feet. Therefore, when it comes to illuminating industrial areas such as warehouses or manufacturing facilities, high bay lighting fixtures are the ones to trust. 

Why Choose High Bay LED Light Fixtures for a warehouse?

There are many special qualities that separate LED shop lights from traditional lights. Through years of innovation and quality design, these lights have a reputation for achieving excellence. Our High Bay LED lights are particularly designed for taller ceilings and larger areas. These lights are capable of producing powerful illumination in a long-range way. This makes them perfect for commercial and industrial applications such as warehouses and retail stores. Of course, there are many options to install light fixtures in your building, but choosing High Bay LED Light will give you a better experience that you will never regret.

In comparison with conventional lighting technologies, LED lights for warehouse offer the following benefits:


High bay LED shop lights, or high bay fixtures cost a tad bit more than Metal Halide, Incandescent, or other conventional commercial lighting solutions. Since high bay LED light fixtures last longer than traditional counterparts, the upfront investment is not a pressing concern.

Energy-Saving Option

Unlike metal halides or incandescent bulbs, LED lights do not come with filaments or gases. LED fixtures do not need an initial spike of energy for heating the filament or enclosed gas before illumination. Therefore, LED lights do not end up wasting large amounts of input energy in the form of unwanted heat, making them an energy-saving alternative to conventional fixtures.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Apart from the increased energy-savings, LED high bays also enhance the indoor space's looks in concern. While most traditional warehouses have boring interior design, installing LED high bay lights brings a significant elegance to bland-looking industrial areas.

Longer Lifespan

Most LED warehouse lighting fixtures come with an exceptional lifespan rating of 5,00,00 operational hours. Upon comparison with conventional lights that barely last a year or two, LED fixtures last more than five years!


LED warehouse lights are compliant with industry-standard IP ratings, design certifications, and lighting-quality ratings. Therefore, it is safe to say that LED lights can bear freezing temperatures and work well in temperatures as high as 122° F (50°C). The lights withstand minor electrical surges and are safe for moisture, dust-prone warehouses, and similar places. 

Excellent Lighting 

Unlike conventional lights, high bay LED lights provide excellent per-watt lumen output. Furthermore, LED lights are available in several correlated color temperatures (CCTs), making it possible to illuminate a space with the desired appearance. The lights also offer a high color rendering index(CRI), allowing enhanced visibility and better color recognition in enclosed space like a warehouse.


Unlike incandescent or metal halide fixtures, you don't have to worry about the surroundings' vibrations. LED warehouse lights can withstand the shocks and vibrations that are common in warehouses and manufacturing units.


Almost all conventional lighting fixtures need some toxic element. However, LED lighting fixtures are free from toxins such as mercury. Unlike traditional counterparts, LED lights do not put out harmful ultraviolet(UV) or Infrared(IR) rays.


Contrary to conventional lights, most LED lights come with shatter and chip-resistant acrylic or polycarbonate optics. A robust aluminum body ensures the durability of high bay LED lights in demanding environments. 

What Should You Consider Before Buying High Bay LED lights for a warehouse?

Buying the right warehouse lighting fixtures will become a lot easier after you have a solid idea of the following:

Design a Layout 

Decide why you need the warehouse lights and where you will be installing them. For various spaces, you would need a different light. The chosen light must suit the place and meet the lighting requirements. For example: 

  • If you have a retail store, you'll need bright lights that make for a welcoming view to attract more customers. In general, retail spaces need 800 lux (on the ground) for achieving adequate indoor lighting. 
  • When considering a warehouse, it is essential to go for 500 lux or above. Bright and even light distribution helps improve the work environment of industrial and commercial spaces. 

Wattage and lumens

Gone are the days when you had to choose a high-watt light for anticipating bright light output. The wattage ratings on LED lights denote the per-hour energy consumption and have nothing to do with the luminosity. LED lights rated for higher lumens are bright. Therefore, when buying high bay LED lights for a warehouse (or other commercial facilities), remember to check the lumen output ratings on the packaging. 

  • For ceiling heights between 15-20 feet, an output of 16,000 to 20,000 lumens will be enough. 
  • For ceiling heights between 25-35 feet, the lights should provide at least 33,000 lumens. 


Since LED lights offer bright and even light distribution across large spaces, you will have to place them appropriately. However, following the given directions can come in handy when installing heavy-duty warehouse lights:

  • For 15 feet ceiling height, you must keep a distance of about 12 feet between two fixtures, and it will allow bright lighting. However, if you aim at the soft lighting effect, a distance of 15 feet will work. 
  • For 20 feet ceiling height, you must keep a distance of about 15 feet between two fixtures, and it will allow bright lighting. However, if you aim at the soft lighting effect, a distance of 18 feet will work. 
  • For 30 feet ceiling height, you must keep a distance of about 20 feet between two fixtures, and it will allow bright lighting. However, if you aim at the soft lighting effect, a distance of 25 feet will work. 

Number of Lights

Depending on the area you need to cover, you'll need many, or a few high bay LED light fixtures. However, you must always take care and keep the lux levels in check.

How to Calculate Lux?

Lux is the total amount of light cast on a surface. While you may not be able to calculate your commercial facility's exact lux requirement, providing 2-3 lumens per cubic foot will be sufficient for adequate lighting.

What are the different types of High Bay LED lights for a warehouse?

The two most popular types of warehouse lighting fixtures that you can find are: UFO LED High Bay Lights and Linear LED High Bay Lights.

UFO LED High Bay Lights: 

  • These lights are available in square and round shapes and resemble an unidentified flying object(UFO). 
  • UFO LED high bay fixtures are available in several wattages and lumen output levels. 
  • They offer a hook-mount and chain-chain mount installation. 

Linear LED High Bay Lights: 

  • As the name suggests, linear LED high bay lights feature a rectangular shape.
  • These lights allow for easy installation via chain-mounting. 

Which High bay LED light fixture replacement do you need?

Below is a chart that shows various metal halide warehouse lights and their high bay LED replacements:

Metal halide Lighting fixture (Wattage)

LED Replacement (Wattage)


150-watt/ 100-watt  linear or UFO high bay 


240-watt linear or UFO high bay 


110-watt linear or UFO high bay 


220-watt linear or UFO high bay 

There you have it! We hope that this guide will be helpful while you decide upon the high bay LED lights for your commercial property. For information about the installation of high bay LED fixtures, go through this blog post. If you wish to know more about LED warehouse fixtures' benefits, continue reading this blog post. Also, if you want to connect with our lighting experts, kindly feel free to place a call at 815-697-5223 or drop an email at