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Collection: LED High Bay Light Fixtures | LED Warehouse Lighting

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Collection: LED High Bay Light Fixtures | LED Warehouse Lighting

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About LED High Bay Light Fixtures | LED Warehouse Lighting

One of the most integral parts of your business is your warehouse. Your daily business is dependent on the efficiency of your warehouse employees. In fact, the overall efficiency of your business depends upon the question of how smooth your warehouse processes are. Now, in order to answer that question, one would never think of including ‘light’ as a subject matter or a key point to be highlighted or to be even discussed. 

That’s where most people make mistakes when they ignore the lighting in their warehouse which is an integral part of the productive output of your Commercial Indoor spaces. Having good light is not only essential for the business processes which are needed to be carried out under that light, but a good light will essentially boost the morale of the employees working in your warehouse manifold. 

This is because when an employee works under bad lighting, the overall experience of him or her goes down which decreases productivity. This can be handled with the use of high bay led lights which gives out quality lighting in your entire warehouse or commercial premise. 

Now that we have a good grasp on the importance of good warehouse lights, we will now dive deep into the world of LED warehouse lighting and understand the key concept each one of them individually.

Key topics which will be covered: 

  • Different Types of Industrial LED Lighting
  • Features of LED High Bay Lights
  • Various Advantages of LED Warehouse lights

Different Types of Industrial LED Lighting

Industrial lighting is a key component of any successful business. It is an area that needs careful assessment of the requirement of the number of lights and the types of lights to be used in the warehouse or godown. 

In a perfect world, high bay LED lights would be in every warehouse there is, and the best possible option would become the prime choice of every business owner. But because of the imperfections which there are, we will be discussing the different types of High Bay lighting options which there are so that making that led high bay fixture choice becomes a breeze for you.

Different types of High Bay lights

Based on the design, there are two types of high bay lighting options:

  • UFO High Bay LED Lights
  • Linear High Bay LED Lights

  • Let us closely examine both of them and understand what they offer. 

  • UFO High Bay Lights: This warehouse lighting fixture gets its name from the shape it has. Resembling a UFO, these warehouse lights are round in shape and offer lighting in a circular area below. These are hung from the ceiling using a chain and a hook. The mounting is easy and the shape allows for just one chain to sustain the weight of the light not putting a lot of pressure on the hook. 

  • The UFO lights are available in various different wattage options such as 

    • 100W which replaces a 300 watt conventional light
    • 150W which replaces a 450 watt conventional light
    • 240W which replaces a 720 watt conventional light

    UFO high bay lights also come in square shape.

  • Linear High Bay Lights: Linear high bay warehouse lights are rectangle in shape and are suitable for warehouses where stacks of shelves are kept for safekeeping of goods. Linear high bay lights are suspended through the ceiling using two chains one at each end of the fixture. This gives the fixture appropriate support which it needs and enough strength for the fixture to stay put. 

  • Features of LED High Bay Lights

    Having advanced features and a varied use-case, these high bay lights prove themselves worthy of every warehouse out there. Here we shall be discussing the main features of these warehouse lights. 

  • Energy-Efficient: Because of the fact that LED technology converts 95% of the energy consumed into light, and only 5% is wasted as heat, these high bay lights are super-efficient. This also means that by using these lights you will be reducing your energy bills by up to 75%. 

  • Long-lasting: Having a lifespan of 50,000 hours, these high bay lights are certified to run for at least 5.7 years. 

  • High CRI: CRI or color rendering index is the measure of how accurately the light renders the colors which are seen by the eye. LED warehouse lights have a CRI more than 70 which means that the colors rendered by these lights have an accuracy of 70% when compared to an ideal light source such as daylight. 

  • Dimmable: These high bay lights have the ability to be dimmed as and when needed according to the need of the user. With the use of a dimmer these high bay lights can be dimmed on a range of 0-10 volts.

  • IP rated: These high bay lights have a protection rating which makes them suitable for damp locations and keeps the fixture protected from dust and moisture. 

  • Various advantages of using high bay lights

    Although using high bay lights have many advantages, the most prominent ones are mentioned below:

    • Using LED high bay lights saves your energy bills and reduces the burden of your utility bills from your shoulders.
    • Using high bay lights increases the productivity of your employees because of the quality lighting.
    • You can easily find and organize your goods in your warehouse or godown in the presence of these lights.