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High Bay LED Light 150W UFO 5700K - LED Warehouse Lighting - 20,098 Lumens

High Bay LED Light 150W UFO 5700K - LED Warehouse Lighting - 20,098 Lumens

MPN: UF008
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High Bay LED Light 150W UFO 5700K - LED Warehouse Lighting - 20,098 Lumens
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High Bay LED Light - 20098 Lumens - 150 Watt - 400W Equivalent - 5700 Kelvin - Warehouse Lighting - IP65 - 5 years Warranty

Introducing our best selling product High Bay LED Light 150W UFO 5700K. This Round UFO High Bay LED Light gets suspended from the ceiling with the help of hooks. It is an ideal lighting solution to an indoor ceiling with a height up to 15ft-25ft with 21,000 lumens. Install these lights in spaces like warehouses, factories, workshops, and more. High Bay LED light offers more brightness than your traditional 400W M.H. light. These energy-efficient LED lights allow one to save 250W of energy on each fixture. Its premium-grade lens is designed to achieve a beam angle of 120 degrees, covering all corners of the facility. This LED Warehouse light also has an IP65 rating, meaning that the fixture is completely dust-free and water-resistant. 

When installing 150W UFO High Bay, you can also look for the 360° 3 Step Dimming Motion & Daylight Sensor, which is a feature that allows energy-saving without missing comfort. When the UFO High Bay Lights are used in combination with 1-10V dimmable LED drivers or ballasts, they can achieve a 3-step dimming LED sensor to function. It is perfect for large facilities where the requirement of lights change and does not always demand a total shut down. If you want to know the installations and get other detailed information on the sensor, click here

high bay led lights
Watt Replacement
Beam Angle
- 277 Volt

Features Of High Bay LED Lights 150W

  • A replacement to 400W MH fixture, the LED 150W High Bay fixture helps you save up to 75% of energy per fixture.
  • Available Color Temperature is 5700K which makes it an ideal color temperature for indoor space.
  • With a lumen output of 20,098 Lumens and Lumen Efficacy of 130 Lumens/Watt, LEDMyplace’ UFO High Bay will perform better than any traditional metal halide lights.
  • With a lifespan of 50,000 hours, this premium LED light will have your back for years.
  • This fixture can easily be mounted with the various mounting option of the unit, reducing installation time to one-fifth of what traditional fixtures consume.
  • It gives the freedom to control the brightness with dimming feature ranging from 1V to 10V
  • Voltage Input: 120 - 277 Volts
  • Beam Angle: 120 Degree
  • IP65 rated: Moisture and dust resistance
  • cULus, DLC & FCC approved
  • IP65: Moisture and dust resistance
  • 5 years of Manufacturer's Warranty and 30-day return policy will place you on the safe side.

Easy Installation

The hanging ring that comes with our UFO high bay light must be inserted in the lamp's hole and tightened through a bolt on the hanging ring to fix the lamp firmly. Now mount this ring on the ceiling via a hook. For more details, check the complete manufacturer's instructions that come along with the product.

high bay led lights

Hook Mount

For hook mounting the 150W UFO Round High bay, you must have a heavier hook than the lamp. Make sure the weight of the hook is 3-4 times heavier than the UFO lamp

high bay led lights

Thermal Heat Dissipation

The UFO high bay lighting fixtures come with heatsink manufactured out of aluminum for excellent heat dissipation.

high bay led lights

Premium LED Chips

To maintain the quality of the product, we use premium LED chips. The chips are packaged inside the product with high precision and accuracy to render the product's maximum operational efficiency. 

IP 65 Water Proof

The Ingress Protection rating means our UFO high bay is protected against dust-tight and water ingress coming through a nozzle made possible through a driver inside the product.  

high bay led lights
high bay led lights

Ultra Wide Angle Lens

This product comes with a beam angle that is too wide and not less than 120 degrees, which is utilized for illumination of broad areas and huge spaces.

high bay led lights
high bay led lights

Rugged Construction

Our UFO high bay's housing is designed in rugged die-cast aluminum to impart the fixture the necessary durability for withstanding any external tampering. 

high bay led lights

Low-Cost Maintenance

The average lifespan of the 150W LED UFO lights is 50,000 hours. There is no complaint of lumen depreciation till the end of its lifespan. Installing LED UFO will reduce recurring replacement charges; hence, it is a low-cost maintenance light.

high bay led lights

1-10 Dimmable

The 150W UFO 5700K High Bay as a 3-step dimmable product can be dimmed from 10 volts to 1 volt, 1V being the minimum light level that can be achieved, and 10V being the highest level of dimming allowed by the dimmer. At 10 volts, the controlled lighting is at 100% of its potential output. Make sure you have a compatible dimmer for our UFO high bay dimmable light. Check 360° 3 Step Dimming Motion & Daylight Sensor for UFO High bay for better understanding.

high bay led lights

CRI >80

CRI (Color Rendering Index) for UFO high bay helps in viewing objects and surfaces with greater clarity and in their true colors compared to what they would look without any artificial lighting.

high bay led lights

Motion Sensor (Optional)

The motion sensor comes as an accessory, and you can choose to have this with our UFO high bay as it helps in not just alerting an intruder in your facility, but allows you to have much better control of the lighting. The 3 Step Dimmer sensor allows energy saving without compromising comfort. You can also go through the blog mentioned above to get a better hang of this sensor.

high bay led lights

Rebate Eligible

The UFO high bay is DLC approved and comes within the scope of rebate-eligibility criteria.

high bay led lights

Compatible Dimmers

The LED UFO High Bay product is compatible with the following dimmers. These dimmers work perfectly with our lights.

  • DS710
  • IP710
  • NFTV
  • H4FBL3PW

P.S. For any other Dimmer, please contact our customer support or check with your electrician


Beam Angle: 120° Beam Angle
Case Qantity: 1
Certifications: UL, DLC Premium
Color Temperature (Kelvin): 5700 Kelvin
Dimmable: 1-10V Dimmable
DLC Model no.: WEN-HB02-150WD1 5700K
Fixture Color: Black
Housing: Aluminium
LED Brand: Lumileds
Life Hours: 50,000 Hours
Metal Halide Equal: 400 Watt Replacement
Operating Temprature: -40° F TO +122° F
Safety Rating: UL
SKU: WEN-HB02-150WD1-5700K
Voltage: 100V - 277 Volt
Wattage: 150 Watt
Brand: LEDMyplace
CCT: 5700 Kelvin
Color Rendering Index(CRI): >80 CRI
Diameter: 12.6 In
DLC Listed: DLC Premium
Fixture: Yes
Height: 7.28 in (including hook)
IP Rating: IP65 Rated
Lens Type: Clear Glass
Lumens: 20098 Lumens
MPN (Part No.): UF008
Power Factor: .94
Shape: UFO
UPC: 763684286107
Warranty: 5 Years
Weight: 11 Lbs

Product Review

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • new garage with vaulted ceils, 28x34 ft. what is your recommendation per number of fixtures 2 or 3?

    We would recommend 2 of these UFOs.

  • How many do you think I need for a 70x104 warehouse with 16’ tall ceilings?

    You could get away with about 12 of these!

  • I have a new pole barn 48x80x16 how many lights do I need and where do I put them

    You would be fine with anywhere from 10-12 lights and they could be spaced out about 20ft apart or so.

  • 50 - 30 - 14 in close shop

    You could get away with about 4 lights! Or up to 6 if you'd like to space them closer together.

  • How many lights for a 30' x 40' x 14' high pole barn?

    You could get away ith about 4 lights! 6 if you wanted to space them out a little closer together.

  • I have a 36' x 40' x 16' eaves pole building how many will I need to get the best coverage? Thanks ...and if I purchase one to verify their effectiveness may I return it if it doesn't provide the light I am expecting or needing?

    You could get away with about 6 lights! And yes, you'd have 30 Days from date of purchase to return it. You'd be responsible for return shipping costs but we'd provide the RMA Form and our return process is quite quick and simple.

  • My building is 24x40x16. How many do i need?

    You could get away with 2 fixtures, or for sure 3, but we'd recommend the 200W version!

  • We have a 36x48 pole barn with 16' ceilings. How many lights do you recommend?

    You could do as little as 4 or as many as 6, depending on how far you'd like them space out!

  • Do they come with mounting hook? And I'm thinking 12 in a 40x52x16 shop?

    Yes! And you could use even less if you wanted, like 6-8.

  • What dimmers would be suitable for these ?

    They work with any LED compatible 0-10V dimmer.

  • how many amps do these lights draw

    They draw 1.65A.

  • what is the diameter of these lights?

    The entire diamater is 12in but the diameter of the inner glass pieces is almost 8.5in.

  • We have fellowship hall at church 50x80x20 that is used for different things. Kids and teens play area dinners get togethers. Need something that won't shatter and can be dimmed for other activities

    These high bays provide both of those. The glass is tempered is there is a dimming wire on the back of the light next to the power supply wiring cable.

    We also sell a motion sensor/dimmer/daylight sensor for our UFOs, found here;

  • I have 6 of these lights. Do I have to have a separate dimmer for each one?

    No, you don't need separate dimmer. You can operate all of those 6 lights with one dimmer. All you need is one Power Pack to connect all the lights with one power source and one wire less dimmer controller. Please check the following links

  • Are these lights shatterproof? We have a food plant where we are thinking to place these lights over some equipment. Thanks

    Yes, they are shatter proof.

  • Do these lights output UV light? I would like to avoid problems incurred with UV output.

    These fixtures have no UV light emissions.

  • What size wire is recommended and can they be daisy chained together?

    18AWG wire

  • Which color wire is the neutral for this fixture? It has green with yellow stripe, brown, and blue wires.

    Green With yellow Stripe is ground ; Brown is Hot ; Blue is Neutral.

  • Are these dimmable? Thx

    yes , however you need to buy the dimmer seperately .

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  • Sold only by the Case of 2.
  • Sold only by the Case of 2.

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