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Collection: LED Warehouse Lighting

LED Warehouse Lighting fixtures are the efficient lights that you must prefer for your high bay locations if your need better illumination and a safe working environment. High bay LED lights are necessary to ensure excellent visibility, especially in high ceiling locations like warehouses, workshops, factories, garages, departmental stores, basketball courts, etcetera. Linear high bay and UFO LED high bay lights are standard warehouse lighting fixtures. These lights come with UL, DLC certification standards and are waterproof. Also, with a 3-step dimming feature, you can select the light mode accordingly. LED warehouse lights are ideal for delivering appropriate illumination from certain angles. Available in several color temperatures, pick the apt warehouse for your location to promote visibility and evict blindspots.

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Showing 1 - 16 of 24

About LED Warehouse Lighting

You need professional LED Warehouse lighting to prevent accidents and injuries! Not only will you be creating a safer work environment with our High Bay LED Lights, but they are also energy efficient. Choose from several different color temperatures as well as sizes.


With an extensive range of warehouse lighting, be assured that browsing through your goods will be a breath of fresh air with these warehouse lighting options at LEDMyplace.

With a minimum beam angle of 120 degrees, the lighting options at LEDMyplace are slated to light up a wide area of your warehouse with 75% less power consumption as compared to conventional lighting technologies.

Having advanced features such as motion sensing technology, these LED warehouse lights activate instantly upon detecting motion.


At LEDMyplace, a wide range of warehouse lighting options are available at your disposal. The details of these options are as follows:

UFO LED High Bay Lights

  • Round UFO LED Light Fixture
  • Square UFO LED Light Fixture

LED Linear High Bay Lights

  • 2ft LED Linear Light
  • 4ft LED Linear Light

These are fixtures that are specially manufactured to illuminate wide space like a warehouse, gym, indoor stadium, and any kind of high ceiling space. You can select the fixture as per your requirement.


There are some accessories that are required while installing the fixture to a high bay area.

Basic Tools

  • Drill machine
  • Hammer
  • Connecting wires
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws
  • Expansion screws

For UFO LED High Bay Light Fixture

  • Connecting wires
  • Bracket (for wall mounting)
  • Adjustable holder (for wall mounting)
  • Safety ropes (for wall mounting)
  • Hook (for hanging installation it must be heavier than the fixture)

For LED Linear High Bay Light

  • Chain
  • V-hook

These accessories will help you to install the fixture easily in your area. The installation instruction guide would be there in the package. In case if you need any expert help or advice then you can always contact us, the number is mentioned at the top of our website.