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Collection: LED Wall Pack Lighting - Outdoor Security Lights

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Collection: LED Wall Pack Lighting - Outdoor Security Lights

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About LED Wall Pack Lighting - Outdoor Security Lights

Perfect for lighting outdoor places, LED wall packs are the lights you need to light up the dark. These wall pack lights are used for creating grazing effects as well. There are three options available for this- up-lighting, down-lighting and both together often. 

These led wall pack lights eat up the dark and make sure that there is no moment of darkness whatsoever. These lights are so bright that no intrusion by unwanted trespassers will go undetected. 

Wall packs find their application in a lot of different places. Being versatile and multifunctional, these wall packs can be used in lots of outdoor places. The main areas where the wall packs are used are building exteriors, parking lot areas, walkways etc.

No matter how low the budget you have, LEDs have always got your pocket secured. LEDs will cut don your electricity bills up to 80%. You don’t have to worry about money for flaunting your exteriors. LEDs have got you covered in all the scenarios. We also have a wall pack with photocell which will allow the wall pack to function automatically without any human intervention. 

Different Types of LED Wall Packs

Semi cutoff-

These wall packs emit most of the light at the angle less than 90 degrees and only 5% of the light is emitted above 90 degrees. The rest of the light emitted by the light is at an angle of 80 degrees or less. These lights generally project the light in the downward direction, but some minute portion can also be upward. Semi cutoffs are also called cobra heads.


The full cutoff LED wall pack distributes more light on the ground than up. These lights keep all the light beams within the angle of 90 degrees. These lights cast light in such a way that glares are reduced to dramatic levels. Full cutoff is also the most eco-friendly as well. 

Rotatable LED wall packs-

These are the only rotating wall packs and thanks to this feature only, they provide lights in upward and downward directions both. This two in one feature of this light not only saves you from all the worries regarding the direction of lights, plus it makes it easy to be installed in the midsections of the wall. There are two types of rotatable wall pack, a single bar which has one single pedal and double bar which has two pedals. 

This is the most popular configuration in all the lights also because it allows the bi-direction lighting, upper walls for grazing effect and downward direction for additional safety. 

These lights are suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting. 

Forward Throw Wall Packs-

These lights only throw light out in the forward direction, and that too in a rounded distribution pattern. These are often mounted on walls near entrances, storage facilities where only forward lighting is required., in parking lots and school entrances.